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ATH M-50 vs V-Moda Crossfade LP

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Which has the overall best quality and sound, however, bass is very important as is distortion at high volumes. I would be running these through a home audio receiver. PLEASE post, I'm dead-locked between these two!

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M50 - better overall sound quality

Crossfades - bigger bass quantity

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I have both in my possession. Its not even close. The V-Moda's sound like garbage compared to the ATH-M50s. I paid $130 for both of them, and sound quality wise, the M50s make the V-Modas sound like they should cost $70 max. 


As for the bass specifically, the V-Modas have a little more, but my more i mean muddy, low quality bass, While the M50s have very satisfying bass.  They also have absolutely no sense of sound stage. 


Seriously, if its between those two, get the M50s. Its not even a matter of opinion here, its fact. M50s are superior. 

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I've owned both but returned the Crossfades. They're(the Crossfades) bassier, but the bass is less defined. It's sloppier and invades the midrange a bit. But there's more of it. The Crossfades are better portable options SQ not considered than the M50s. They're also better looking than the M50s, though as an adult I felt a bit silly wearing them in public. M50 is more versatile and has better overall SQ. Check out Joker's thread - both are reviewed in there: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/433318/shootout-69-portable-headphones-reviewed-bowers-wilkins-p5-sony-xb700-added-02-21

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