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Amp/DAC for Grado SR-80i

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Hi... I am looking for a Headphone amp which has good synergy with the grado SR-80i. I feel sr80 is little bright and is lean on bass. So pls suggest me some good headphone amp that goes well with the grados.
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Yes how abot little dot MK III or Nuforce U DAC?

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Hey man, I've got a Grado SR60i myself. From what I know, isn't the SR80i the same as the SR60i but only has minor differences in the cable and the foam pads?


Based on that assumption, I'm wondering why you need an amp in the first place. I don't use one with my SR60i. They sound fine out of my laptop or my mobile. Besides, I've heard that amping don't make much difference to the SR60i anyway.


What genres do you listen to? Since my fav genre's rock and metal, the SR60i-s work great with them. As for the bass, have your phones burned in sufficiently? I'd thought that the SR60i was bass lean but after some use, it's great. Obviously not good for hiphop and dubstep but more than adequate for rock.

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I really enjoy the SR80i's with a Fiio E11 with gain on low and the EQ (bass) set to 2. I use the L-cush pads on all my Grados. The bass with the EQ of the E11 and the L-cush pads is actually very impressive. Grados are often not known for bass, but in this setup, it pleases this basshead enough to listen to dance/house/trance with some solid sub-bass and mid-bass tone that sounds absolutely rich and satisfying.




Very best,

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