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Upgrades for my M50's at work...

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so i work over 40 hours a week and have my headphones on for probably 38 of those hours... i currently have the m50's and am looking for more out of the headphones... I dont really know where to go from here. I got these headphones maybe 6 months ago when i gave up on bose and decided that there had to be something better. I sort of find my self in the same place. Im not sure if i should get a new pair of headphones or get an amp. Im usually at my desk so i dont need something mobile or anything... 

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I don't log the same number of hours that you do, but I use my m50's at work everyday. 


Here are some thoughts:

Are you listening  direct from your computer?   If so, you might want to invest in a portable DAC; this will give you a better signal with less noise and less distortion. 


Are you listening to mp3 or full resolution files?  You might try out some full resolution files.  The compromises entailed in the typical 128 kHz mp3 format is indeed something that might get on your nerves during long listening session.  For long sessions, your brain may fatigue, even if it doesn't seem significant in shorter listening sessions.  IMO. 


Do you find the headphones to by physically comfortable?  If not, and you think that's the root problem, then the only solution may be new 'phones.


My usual set-up at work is iPod with full resolution files, LOD, and amp.  The M50 doesn't need an amp, I would say.  But using the LOD made a big difference in my at-work listening.  Of course, in order to use the LOD, you have to use an amp in order to control volume.

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ahh okay, i got ya.. i was looking for something that i didnt have to charge.. and im guessing a portable dac you do need to...



i currently listen to my itunes.. mostly filled with m3s ( ~200 kbps)


I listen to a lot of hip hop, dub, and electronic music.. if you can recommenda good amp (but i know what your saying they dont need it) or recommenda new pair of phones 



im looking for heavier bass.... i have had these suggestions so far.. 


Shure 750DJs

sony XB500


Ultrasone PRO 750 


Denon AHD2000

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Ultrasone Pro 900s are amazing, but they really benefit from an amp. I take in my Sony X, Arrow 3G, & Pro 900s each day and spend most of my time at work with this setup running. Sometimes it's hard to work because it sounds so good together. If you spend that many hours of your week listening like that, you should treat yourself to something really nice!  dt880smile.png

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The Pro 900 still sounds really good without an amp, they just improve with one.


Take a look at the Phiaton PS500 as well. It may be the perfect upgrade for you.

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im really trying to avoid portable amps... i am way too forgetful and i have the small fiio e5 and i never use it because its never charged! 


i used to have the  Sennheiser HD 25-1 II  and i hated them.. they didnt bump


im also looking to stay in the 300 dollar range! or atleast for right now... slowly i will upgrade just like i did from my m50... its just getting to know what i like and understanding why its good 

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Go for the Ultrasone HFI 580's. 

Amazon have a nice price on them right now. 

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I was doing the same thing. I had an M50 at work. Buy a headroom amp or an E7 DAC to clean up the sound and tighten things up. I just use an E7 at work. I have the E9 as well, but have resorted to not using it at work, although it gives the E7/E9 unit better volume adjustment and smoother sound (dedicated amplifier). I ditched the M50s eventually for the Denon AD-H2000, 1100 and AHA-100 (which I now treasure). Beautiful sound for work. Use higher resolution MP3s if you are listening to those–224-192kbps. FYI-Classical really needs higher 224 or higher.

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i have been in the process of upgrading the music i listen to most often to higher quality. Trying to get flac for a lot of my deadmau5... but maybe 320 mp3's for the rest...


i started looking into the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro and the Ultrasone HFI-580 also...



Ill prob end up going with the e9 amp and the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro (80ohms)

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I have the m50s and have tried the 770's.  Both straight out of the PC.  I Kept the m50's b/c the 770's just didn't sound as good with everything like the m50's did.  I too wanted ... more.   So I picked up the e7/e9 combo for 199 shipped from the micca store.  Couldn't have been more suprised with how much it helped.  It added a great deal of dynamic range/excitement to everything i was listening to.


Having said all of that, i'm now thinking i'd like to get the Pro 900s for work and take the m50's home.  I spend 60+hrs at work and it seems like the majority of that time I have my cans on.

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i got the denon d2000 from mobilepc (refurb) for 150.. greatest choice ive made besides getting the e7/e9.. 

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