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Help a pool player out

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Hi guys. I need a pair of headphones for playing pool with for hours on end in noisy bars. I would like wireless headphones to use with my cell phone (pandora radio). I listen to hip hop. Pool requires a lot of getting up and down on shots, so need something that stays on well. Can you guys help me out? Thanks.

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You'll need to tell me if you are wanting in-ear or over ear phones...


Have you checked out the wireless list of headphones - if you click on HEAD GEAR - then you will find the listing.


For good sound quality - you might want to do with Sennheiser products 

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Headphones for playing pool? That sounds more anti-social than wearing headphones at a friendly poker game.

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Actually it sounds like OP is shooting pool by himself.

Try going for in-ear 'phones by Earsonics, Westone and Shure. These companies make earphones suitable for stage musicians; if they're good enough for singers and the like to use while dancing and moving during live shows, they're good enough for you to play pool with.
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You might want to look into IEMs. I just keep my music player in my back pocket while shooting. IEMs will stay snug in your ears. I haven't had any problems doing this for a couple years.

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When you are making lots of movement, i always recommend Iem's. 


If you have a nice budget, check this one out. 

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I would like over the ear, wireless, as small and lightweight as possible ( while still isolating as much as possible). Only phones i have are the sony xb500, i would like something a little more clear. Probably the cheaper the better, as i am hard on my gear and will probably need to buy several. Thanks again. Robert
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Sennheiser RS 120's 

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Thanks for the suggestion winma.  I read a review from this site that said the Sennheiser RS 120's fall off easy if you lean forward.  Definetly not good for pool playing.  What do you guys think of the Nokia BH-905?  Or any input on the behind the head/neck models?





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