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Pad replacement for old audio technica cans

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I recently purchased some audio-technica at-701's and at-703's. It's basically the same headphone, just a different color. I mainly bought them for the looks. On a side note, they sound fantastic over 100 hz or so. I'm hoping to pick up some of those SFI drivers and see how they sound in there. I'm looking to update the pads to cups, but I can't find any in the size I need. They are roughly 80mm wide. There are a whole bunch of other sizes on ebay, but nothing I can use. So here's the question: does anyone know of any headphones that have roughly 80mm (outside diameter) cups? If there were some AKG ones that would be fantastic, as I have seen tons of replacement pads for those.

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I have the AT-705 and AT-713.  I don't know of any replacement pads.  Roll your own is probably the best option.  The ortho thread might be a good place to ask.  There have been quite a few posts on replacement pads and DIY.

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Fostex t50rp pads might work for you, they're a little over 3 in in diameter but if you used 3m double sided tape and taped them to your baffle they'd fit almost perfectly.

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The AT pads are very flat, at least on the 2 I own.  I can't find the T50RP that is packed away somewhere, but aren't they thick pads?

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If I could pull the pads off of the electret version of mine, that would be ideal, but I don't see that happening. Rolling my own doesn't look that intimidating. Those Fostex pads are massive!

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The t50rp pads are thinner than my w5000 pads so it probably rules out that out if he's looking for depth.


To the OP, they might be a little big (if I remember they're about 3.5 in) so you'd have a little hang off. It's weird that your baffles are only 3in as most AT headphones are either really small(portables) or about 4in in diameter(full sized). 

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These are from the early 70s.  Uncle T-Bag's avatar is one of them.  Here's a brochure for another  AT-706-M2.jpg

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My AT-705 Manual states for pad replacements that they use the  AT HP-15 replacements . Not sure if this helps. If you happen to find replacements please post so I can order a few pairs. Mine are new, but for down the road it would be nice to have some.

Please tell us what you end up doing .

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My guess is that AT won't have any old stock left from the 70s.

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Audio technica pads I used to replace on my cans. I had same issue as host. At least these are almost exactly the same ad original and are audio technica branded
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