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IEM under $20

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I am looking for in-ear earphones. Clarity is the main concern here, bass may not be the best. Maybe some deal or something that brings the price down to $20?



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Generally, under $60 or so, you get what you pay for, and clarity is typically not the main feature of under $20 earphones -- bloated, flabby bass usually is. wink_face.gif


Search for ljokerl's huge comparison thread -- it's up to 140 or so IEMs now -- it's categorized by price.

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The Hifiman RE2 might be a good choice: They cost $29. I can't think of better iems in this price range. You might want to go for the combo with the FIIO E5 for 10 bucks more. In case you decide to buy better phones later the FIIO will be nice to have.

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I second on RE2's. RE2 have great clarity for that price. I can compare them to Meelec M6s in that price range and RE2 are just simply cleaner and have better detail. The only concern would be the lack of bass, but OP says you don't care about that, so RE2's might be the way to go. 

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ES8 cable that comes with a FREE HIPPO 10EB IEM


Destroys the M6 at everything but bass quantity.  Clarity matches the Ultimate Ears 700 that I have been testing back and forth for the last few days, vocals are more natural, bass has more impact and the highs are not sibilance like the 700's which goes for about $100+ everyday price.


$38 shipped, sell the cable if you don't need it for around $20. It's a steal.

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Most IEMs at this price will give a hugely bass orientated sound but you can use your EQ to balance them out and make them sound more natural


i recommend the jays a-jays one ($32) they are great for the price once you have the best EQ setting, i sometimes find my self choosing these for some tracks over my $190 UE Superfi 5.


There is also a deal on at amazon for some JVC HA-FX-66 for $16 and they are comfortable and  respectable as they will destroy any of the bundled buds that come with ipods for SQ


hope you are happy with what ever you buy dt880smile.png

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