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I had some Sennheiser HD 380 Pro that are equal to the PC 360 but no microphone and returned to the store, they sound horrible, soundstage quite small and uncomfortable for me


I think you should look at other things

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If you're willing to invest try the Astro A40 Gaming System. It costs a bit steep, but good build quality.

I've been using it for gaming (FPS) for about 5 months. My only complaint is after 4 months there was a screw that got loose but that's nothing a Philips screwdriver can't fix.

Music-wise it's got very good staging, I reckon due to its specialized use for gaming. THe bass is kind of weak, but I don't listen to music that's heavy in bass anyway.



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Why not just a mic that clips onto the headset cable?  For $25 you can have this quality one from Audio-Technica?



It makes no sense to spend more money to buy an inferior "gaming" headset which greatly limits the selection of headphone you can buy.  And let's stop kidding ourselves, the sampling rate over XboxLive is so atrocious it is laughable to be concerned about sound quality.  This mic, regardless, has good quality and tons of good reviews.  

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If your head is not too big, I thought the Logitech G35 sounded awesome for just under $100. Great isolation too. Almost too good.

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Originally Posted by ex0du5 View Post

Avoid clip ons for extensive voice chat. They introduce a ton of background noise.


In that price range, I'd go Sennheiser PC 360. Not absolutely amazing, but a very good all-rounder. The mic is probably the highest quality mic I've heard. Both a friend and I use the PC 350 (same headset, but closed...only get this one if you need sound isolation), and it's easy to tell we have the best mic through vent.


Otherwise, the only ones I've tried that I've liked are Plantronics headsets, which would run you under $50. I did not like the Syberia V2, or the Razer Megalodon. Logitech headsets I've tried have all been really terrible. My $30 Plantronics Audio 370 is worlds better than all of those listed above. Aside from the fact that the mic will not stay up anymore, it's probably the best headset I've ever heard for the money. It's not as good as the Sennheiser, but it's value is really hard to ignore. It's also by far the most comfortable headphone I've ever worn.


What matters most for gaming: comfort, non fatiguing sound. Both the PC360 and Plantronics do fairly well in this regard

Plantronics are so... variable. I have a big ol set with velour pads that sound like crap, a small set that sounds like crap and another small set that sounds good enough to listen to music for extended periods through. Unless you can demo them first I'd avoid the Plantronics.

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Originally Posted by Styles View Post

Prolly more than you wanted to spend but I love my Beyerdynamic MMX 300's. Built in mic, closed headphones.  Sick sound and the mic works great.




I use mine for Xbox but they are a PC headset.  Bought them from earphonesolutions.com for $250 but I think they are back up to $300 now.  Commitment ma' man!



What talkback cable do you use on your Xbox controller in your picture?


I have astro mixamp as well and the 2.5mm talkback cable is horrible quality wise, causing a lot of mic audio issues and I'm looking to replace it. I have Sennheiser PC360 and i wanted to use steelseries connector that i used with the previous headsets (PC350) but the mic is not working with it. Apparently PC360 need a mixamp for the mic to function on xbox


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