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Best IEMs under 300€?

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Hi everyone,


I need some new In-Ear Monitors for producing music. I make Drum'n'Bass and Electro, so deep bass response is very important. I've been using the same Shure headphones for almost four years, and the build quality is excellent. I don't want to use speakers (only for the last finishing touch), because my neighbour complains about high volume when I make music. The IEMs need to be portable (no preamp) so I can also use them for listening to music.


To sum up:

- Sound should be as unbiased as possible, close to studio monitoring speakers

- Bass response should be good, down to 40Hz or something

- No preamp required

- Very good build quality (no loose contacts after a year of use)



Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! smily_headphones1.gif

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How about UM3X, SM3, Ck100 or some customs perhaps?

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Originally Posted by yello131 View Post

How about UM3X, SM3, Ck100 or some customs perhaps?

UM3X - not cheaper than 339€

SM3 - 325€ and hard to find a place to buy

CK100 - 340€ ($460)


Thank you for your suggestions :) But I really don't want to spend more than 300€.


How about the Etymotic ER-4PT or the Shure SE425?

post #4 of 8 have the um3x in for £249.00 which = 297 (assuming that IS the euro symbol!) not including p+p.

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Thanks for the hint! I'll keep that in mind, although I'd prefer to buy them from a seller from my country (Germany) because of warranty etc.

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Hi Martin,

I produce and perform electronic music. I own the ER4p and suggest you try something else. The cable microphonics, long hours listening discomfort and lack of deep bass (50hz and below seems weak even though they show near-flat on graphs), makes this phone more appropriate for listening rather than mixing (ymmv).


ER4's isolate really well and do have pretty accurate frequency response, but they sound bass light with a slightly hot treble and there really isn't much grit or slam.


IEMs should probably be a just a tiny bit emphasized in the bass and midbass in order to make up for the lack of visceral air movement normal with monitors or PAs.



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Thank you, that helped me a lot!


I think I'm gonna go for the SM3's, especially after reading the comments in the UM3x vs. SM3 thread.


Could anyone who has actually owned the SM3's comment on their build quality? (cable, housing, ...) Thanks!!

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Personally, I'd steer you towards a set of high end dynamics if the bass is important.  BA's may be slightly more revealing and analytical but most are light in the bass department compared to dynamics.  I haven't experienced enough different sets to give a valid recommendation but my Monster Miles Davis Tributes sound mighty fine with a bit of D'n'B!

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