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Germany. What do you associate with Germany?

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Hello Head-Fiers.


I've been reading here for about ten years and think this is a U.S.-based international place with many different types of members.


So I'm really interested, what you are associating with the term "Germany", because it's my homeland.


Feel free to write what you think, headphone wise and/or in other regards.


I'm really curious about your opinions/perceptions. 


Thanks for your participation!

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Sauerkraut and Volkswagons. I love both BTW. 

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Hallo again, I get to respond to another thread you've started!


Germany + engineering is always a happy pairing in my mind. I tend to think of German products as having gone through thorough testing, and made to precise specifications, with function over form (a good thing in my book). That's why I'm happy to own a Beyerdynamic and two Sennheisers.

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Football! Cars! Headphones!

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Bier, Wurst, War, (no) speedlimits, Nurburgring Nordschleife, Bayer Munich, Schalke04, BMW, Oktoberfest, Berlin wall (which I have a piece of) Aachen, Tatort, Der alte, Haribo,...


I can keep going, but maybe it's not fair as the German boarder is only a 30 min drive avay ;)

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What the others said: cars, HD800... Also Deutsche Grammophon, EMC, von Karajan, oompa muzak, Autobahn.


Heffeweizen, Liebfraumilch, sauerkraut, bratwurst, eiswein, weinfests. I love some of the excellent Rieslings (e.g. dr. Loosen).


(I used to do short term contracts in the Rammstein area - the good life. :-)).

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Precision engineering, those round eyeglasses, headphones, stereotypical German food (wuerste, etc.), soccer/football, the Autobahn, the German language (I studied it for a while). Probably a lot of other things as well that didn't come to mind immediately. I make generally positive associations overall.

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Beer, really big pretzels, and amazing pork dishes. (And awesome gravy).

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The best engineering in the world. Beer of course. Chicks in pigtails (blame beer commercials for that one), Everyone that I've talked to that has been stationed in the US military over there LOVES it. Very clean. Amazing castles. 


Those are the first things that come to mind. 

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When I think of Germany these things enter my mind:

Hasselhoff, the Kelly family (I know -they're not from Germany, but I think that's where they had the most success), sausages, lederhosen, beer, more beer, porno, headphones, and cars!

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I can't help but think of my last name. biggrin.gif

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Many things, mostly good. All of the above stuff. I know a bunch of actual Germans born and raised there and they are now living in the U.S. and they are kind people. I own the German Birkinstock sandals and a Lacher & Co. German wristwatch made in Pforzheim near the Black Forest area. Good quality. I love the quality of the beer too. Top notch. I also love Beethoven.

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awesome tech :)

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oktoberfest, volkmarsch, cactus club in regensberg, schwartze katze in hohenfels, chokin' red, the reality of an efficient train system, and a pretty wild evening in a private turkish teahouse/casino [whoa]...

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