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Yeah, the cable isn't the best is it.  I kinda like the idea of cable with a material outer sheath.


Thanks! Those are indeed homemade, they were my final year project at Uni.  My tutors suggested I try and produce them, never had the money or the room but I would like to in the future.  I should really add a better picture of them, rather than with the delightful upholstery of my student accommodation bigsmile_face.gif


I'll probably use TechFlex Nylon Multi-Filament for my next re-cable, I read that regular nylon sheath is microphonic? not sure if it stretches either.

1/4" + 1/8" sizes should be good for a Mogami re-cable.

Haha, the delightfuly upholstered furniture is how I determined the "size" of your "avante garde" looking speakers.  I'd like to see a better pic.. or a pictorial of them if possible.