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Ultimate ears connectors

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So i'm thinking of making my own ultimate ears cable for my triple fi 10 pro.

Where can I buy the special 2 pin jack that actually connects the headphone cable to the driver unit?



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This sort of connector is never for sale.  You have a couple options - whittle down connectors off a stock cable to expose the contacts, or build your own connector by measuring the pins then finding some copper wire or brass rods of the same thickness and going from there.

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argh, i wonder where places like moon audio get them

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hrm.. if its a one-off thing you could buy the replacement cables and hack them... 

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Moon Audio is kind of a big deal, if you have the ability to buy 1000 of something at a time generally manufacturers will work with you.  That sort of stuff is custom molded by injection molding firms. 

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Not to revive a dead thread, but:

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