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I've provisionally ordered my MG6pros (i.e. they have my details and are waiting for impressions before they begin manufacturing/charging me). I'll get my impressions done this month but the important thing was getting the order in before the 15th to get the discount. I've gone for the transparent blue for the right ear, purple for the left, and transparent black/smoke for the faceplates, as the colours are more to help lazy bones me identify the L/R quickly and give them some pizzaz whilst looking a little more reserved when in the ear.


In the end the cheap upgrade path was one of the deciding factors. If Westone come out with an ES6, then that's another $1000 some people will be spending on seeing how much better than the ES5''s they are. When FS come out with a new, more advanced driver, it'll cost me $200. I've got too many other things to worry about than upgrading IEMs all the time as well - DIY speakers, home theater, room treatment, a wired home network, music server etc - these should serve me well for my commute and for listening when on nights at work.


Now just to pick a portable source...

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Originally Posted by Somnambulist View Post

In the end the cheap upgrade path was one of the deciding factors.


Yes, it's a real "hidden strength" of this CIEM.

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Indeed. I'd love to hear the ES5's for instance - but ignoring the crazy price difference I'd have to pay compared to you Americans ($1554 for me vs $950 for you), what if they come out with an ES6? I'd want to hear it, but then that's another grand and the ES5's wouldn't have much resale value relative to what was paid for them. With these, if they come out with MG7pros or something in a couple of years, then it's like $200 to upgrade to a whole new custom IEM,


I won't get confirmation of my order till next week as they've all gone off to NAMM for the weekend and I sent my order in after office hours. Least I got it done before the 15th though.


Audiologist booked for next Tuesday afternoon - will probably get two sets of impressions made - one to send off to FS, one for them to use for some ear plugs as the impressions will be FREE and I feel bad because they sell custom IEMs too (a relatively new company who haven't really kicked off their advertising yet www.ultimateear.com/music.php) and I wasn't interested in buying their 1-3 BA driver offerings, so at least they'll have made some money from me. The ear plugs will be useful as I work nights sometimes and can get woken up by people doing the lawn etc.

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oh man, I emailed FS at info@futuresonics.com and below is what I got. Need some help here....anyone?

Summer NAMM Courtesy Reminder...
I will be away from the Future Sonics office attending Summer NAMM in Nashville Tuesday July 10th thru Tuesday July 17th, during which time I will be unavailable. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact the Future Sonics Office at 215-826-8826.
If you need to speak to me personally, I will be returning emails and phone messages when I return to the office on Wednesday July 18th.
See you at NAMM! Future Sonics Booth #405.
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Same guy I was speaking too. Small company, they're away advertising their booth at NAMM. If you're intending to order some customs and get the discount, copy their order form (the PDF file you take to the audiologist) and fill out all the information about what you want done etc and mail it to them, making sure to put the REALSPEAKERS code near the payment info. I just used Preview on my Mac to annotate the PDF with my details/payment info.


When they're back from NAMM they'll honour the discount code assuming it was sent before the 15th and give you an order number. You then get your impressions made and put down the order number on it and fill out all the information again (on paper this time) and post it to them. I was told I'll get my order number once they're back from NAMM, which is the same day I'm getting my impressions, hopefully, so I can send them off pretty quickly.

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thanks for the help...Actually I have some questions that I would like to personally ask them before i decide to go with it.

So I assumed that you need to made the payment when you mailed the order form?

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No I just sent them the form w/my payment details on, I didn't go through the online store. FS don't charge you for anything until you've sent your impressions in and they start the process of manufacturing your customs. You could provisionally send in the form with your questions and cancel it if you're not happy.

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which email address should I send the form to?


well guess I gotta get busy now. thanks for the help, appreciate it!

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I emailed the info@ address then they replied using the FS Online Store email (onlinestore@futuresonics.com), as I also asked a couple of questions since I didn't know if they'd do my colour combo.

Originally Posted by keroro View Post

which email address should I send the form to?


well guess I gotta get busy now. thanks for the help, appreciate it!

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Great review, Kunlun.


I have a question please:  Am I right that with one of the open Low Frequency Vents installed, your ear canal is at ambient pressure? That is, no potential for a vacuum or positive pressure to form? This is hugely important to me and potentially a huge advantage of the MG6PRO. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by cooperpwc View Post

Great review, Kunlun.


I have a question please:  Am I right that with one of the open Low Frequency Vents installed, your ear canal is at ambient pressure? That is, no potential for a vacuum or positive pressure to form? This is hugely important to me and potentially a huge advantage of the MG6PRO. Thanks!

Hi there and thanks.


I would say that it is indeed better for this than the sealed shell custom I have. Yet, I still like to seat my MG6Pro, then lightly unseat it just a little, same as I do with my sealed shell custom. It's a kind of good habit for customs and sometimes, I do need to do it as it frees up my ear drum and the driver, so I recommend it for any custom owner, including the MG6Pro owners. Again, it's less (potentially much less) of an issue with the MG6Pro. This is partly because, as Marty Garcia, owner of FS, pointed out to me, the MG6Pro doesn't need the same level of seal or deep insertion that a balanced armature based custom often does. He explained the technical reasons for this and they made perfect sense at the time--but I don't recall them all fully now, sorry. So, in addition to the vent, the MG6Pro sits a little more shallowly and this also helps avoid odd pressure issues. Of course, as with any custom, the quality of the ear impressions make a huge difference in final fit.

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Interesting. Thanks for reply. So it sounds like it does still make a seal inside the ear canal.  Because it doesn't have to directly drive the tympanic membrane to produce bass, it also makes sense that the seal is less important than with balanced armatures.

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Ok guys, I am going to do my first report on any audio equipment purchased since my introduction to Head-Fi.com.


A little background about me: low 60's with typical aged ears that roll off after 12000. I am a small business owner, not an audiophile, and own equipment that I purchase only after careful research to keep forever. I do not buy to just own but to enjoy and will stop looking further until something breaks.

I have read every review in every forum in Head-Fi on every IEM made. This took months. I could do this only on weekends. I do have a life. After a great deal of mind changing, I decided to purchase the Future Sonics mg6pro because of the following:

1) Dynamic drivers would give me the sound that I want vs. the more unnatural separation of the balanced armatures. My wife has balanced armatures in her hearing aids and in discussion with her hearing issues, I did not like the problems she had with the unnatural sounds she got from these.

2) I have the Audeze LCD 2 Rev 2 headphones. I wanted iems that would approximate the sound from these fabulous headphones. These headphones brought me into a world of music appreciation I have not had since college years. I hoped the iems would match the sound quality, sound stage, and pure enjoyment these offer. As an aside, if you do not own any world class headphones, beg, borrow, or steal to purchase these. You will never hear music with this much enjoyment as through these headphones.

3) The lady that answers the telephone at Future Sonics answered all my questions well and was a good representative of the standards at FS. Although I had paid for the iems before they received my ear impressions, they gave me the additional discount that came by email after this. This was greatly appreciated.

4) Future Sonics appears to have been doing iems longer than anyone. Expertise matters.


OK. So what did I get.

The mg6pro has gold flake on the outside and clear inside. The ear pieces are big. Looking at all the photos do not give a true indication of their size. I never realized that my ear canals were that large or that the space in the inside of my outer ear would be that large.

They are not easy to put in. These are my first iems so I do not have any experience for comparison of insertion ease. I have to precisely twist them, front to back 1/8 th turn, and then move ear parts around edges so they flatten around outside of the ear. Once they are correctly placed, my ears are red from the handling and pressure. I now need to use a mirror to correctly place them. I hope I will be able to do this in the future without the need for a mirror. I experimented by using medical grade clear silicone on the outside of the iems to help the outer skin slip around the hard plastic. This seems to work but it negatively effects the outer seal. I will continue to experiment to find what works best for me.

The quality of the seal is very good. At first you feel that the ears are stuffed with a hard object but this subsides over a short time. Immediately after insertion, I use techniques used to clear the pressure on your ears during an airplane flight and I hear a single popping sound in each ear. I am guessing that this is due to the seal breaking. In a few minutes after inserting the iems, I can open my jaws fairly wide, talk, chew, and try to pop the seal through the airplane technique and I do not get any popping sound. I guess I have to say the fit is correct. Thanks Future Sonics for getting it right the first time. My audiologist had a lot of experience in making musicians’ ear pieces. She only charged $35.00 so this is probably why. I had quotes for up to $50 per ear. So I guess I should complement her as well. If anyone lives in the Oklahoma City, OK USA area I will happily give you her name. You quickly get accustomed to this hard foreign object that was aggressively inserted into two of your cavities. I have listened for 8 straight hours and have no discomfort.


How about the sound?

Are they as good as the Audeze headphones? No they are not. But damn close. The instruments in the Audeze are further in front of me and wider. The music is just more beautiful but not by much.


Now what about the sound of the mg6pro? The best way I can describe about how I enjoy these is to describe what happens to me when I use them. I listen to Pandora on my Motorola Droid X Android phone while playing poker at a local casino. I primarily listen to the Blues. I can barely hear the conversation around me due to the isolation of the iems. This is a good thing; they get rid of most of the distracting casino ambient noise. If I have to talk to someone at the poker table I have to turn off the music. I then can carry on any conversation needed. However, the music quality is so good that I find myself listening to all the details in the song, bobbing my head, drumming my hands and easily floating away from all my surroundings. This could get expensive in playing poker but I do not give a s***. I am a conservative, non-outwardly demonstrative, white male. I am feeling the joy, pleasure, and musical immersion that I have not enjoyed since my teen years. You can be a kid again.

The bass, mid range and treble are all that I can want. The port is the one that FS sends inserted in the iem, the middle one. Many of the blues songs are renown for their bass and great guitar rifts and these iems pull out every detail and musical naturalness that I have heard in live concerts. All the sounds seem smooth and correct. This is not a bass heavy sound, but bass impacted. The bass is solid and strong without sounding unnaturally overpowered. The vocals are fabulous. I can hear all the detail and musicality of every raspy sounding blues vocalist. The treble in the screaming guitars is almost unbelievable. You feel that you are sitting directly in front on Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and BB King. You can see their fingers moving in your mind and enjoy their talent and music as if they are playing just for you. What an experience!


I also wanted to use the mg6pro in my car while driving. I drive a very good car with a very good factory upgraded sound system. I choose a car based on 3 things, 1) I have to fit, I am 6 ft 8 in. 2) It must drive well and be quiet, and 3) It must have a great sound system. I bring reference CDs to compare before purchase. This car has the best factory sound system I have auditioned. However, it does not sound as good as listening by headphones. The cops frown on using headphones while driving. So, I needed earphones that were as good as my best headphones. The mg6pro fills this need. Even though they isolate, you can still hear tire noise and some ambient noise. Enough so you can still be aware of what is happening around you and be safe. I was worried about this prior to purchase. No problem, as long as I do not crank beyond ½ volume. Now every daily drive, some are as long as 1 hour, seem short because of the music enjoyed en route.


Final thoughts.

Am I happy with my expensive purchase? Ecstatically so. Would I recommend them? Unequivocally.



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Great review and welcome to head-fi!


I'm sure you'll get the hang of inserting your customs with a little more practice.

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Urgh I haven't been able to find a window to get my ears looked at again. I've been putting drops in daily but they'll probably still need a good flushing out before I can get impressions. Damn ears. FS will probably be chasing me up soon about my order.


And yeah, nice review!

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