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The all-time best headphone you've ever owned. - Page 2

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@ Nordwestlich


Moved to the USA from Asia, but that's OT. wink_face.gif

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I have always used the K701 as my reference when looking for a new headphone, since the sound characteristics fit my personal preference the most, I bought many different headphones during that time and always ended up selling them and sticking to the AKG, that is until I bought the ATH-W5000. Now having owned the W5000 for about one year I haven't looked back since, so that is the best headphone I have ever owned (though I still own the 701 and will never sell it! I still love it dearly). Cheers,

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I have owned the HD-650 for nearly 6 years now and I personally rank it on top of all the headphones I have tried over the years. I would vote the K-340 too but I have only owned them for less than 4 years. rolleyes.gif

Hopefully I can sample either the HD-800 or LCD-2 in the near future and see if I have a new "champion" then.
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Grado RS-1.

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The best headphone I'd owned is still the DT880/600. It offered the best comfort, so much so that I would often forgot that I am actually wearing a headphone. It is the most neutral sounding headphone I have as well, and was the best accompanying can whether I'm in the mood to listen to music across different genre, or even to wear it while I'm practising on my bass. It's the only headphone that does justice to the great playing of Tetsuo Sakurai.

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I currently own HD800 and it is astonishing. I don´t have any other headphones to compare it with, except from a Sony MDR-V700DJ, which there is a huge difference in SQ-wise. 


Besides from classical music, I also find the HD800 to work exceptionally good with movies. Far better than any previously owned headphones.

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Simply Beyer T1, rather unique piece of work.
My "the most transparent move-coil base headphone in 3 years"

After half year, still amazing me "Wow, headphone can sound so good!" at times.
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Stax SRX MkIII, Sennheiser HD-800, Beyer DT-48E (2011 version).
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Sony R10

Sennheiser HD800

Stax Omega2

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Definitely the Sennheiser HD800.


Nordwestlicht, you say in your signature, .. "headphone amps are highly overrated",... What do you use to drive the HD800, a integrated A/V receiver or computer audio card?
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LCD-2 and HD800. These two have been good enough over the last half year or so that it's even decreased my lurkings here on head-fi!

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Creative Aurvana Live!

And why?

It's pretty cheap..atsmile.gif

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