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Comply foam tips help (needed)

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Hey guys,


Firstly, yes I'm new to Head-Fi, but anyway, my question:

So my UE TripleFi 10's that I ordered have arrived from the states to the UK (will only get them for my b-day though )

Now, I've looked to check that everything has arrived correctly, and I did think you were supposed to get one set of comply's as standard, however I got two (grey ones of course though).

Now when I need to change them later on [as long as I like comply's], should I look to get the T-500s or the TX-500s?

I know the difference is the ear-wax guard/filter, but I've heard that sound production and throughput can be hampered by the filter. Can it?
I'm mainly confused as the Comply website calls the T-500s "Personal Audio" and the TX-500s "Audiophile". I really don't understand, and if anything, I'd expect it to be the other way around. I'm guessing it's just marketing as the TXs are more expensive.

Hope you guys can give me some guidance on this.

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Hello d3fu5iOn,


I recieved my triple.fi 10's a couple of weeks ago (Secondhand, no Comply's supplied).

I ordered T-500's and recieved them last night.

They sounded terrible. Its like they absorb the sound of the lows, mids and highs.

I suspected that as they have quite a bit of extra foam after the end of the triple.fi nozzle, that this may be absobing a lot of the sound.

This morning I trimmed off the extra foam, and the turned the tips around and put them on backwards ( With the tips on backwards the foam finishes perfectly flush with the nozzle.


Result - Slightly less comfortable, but the sound is now back to exactly what the sounded like with the silicons. In a word PERFECT. 


Sorry, but have had no experience with the TX-500's, couldn't find them in Aus.

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For my e2's, I used some foam earplugs (purple Walmart ones), scissors, a candle, and a paperclip to make some new foamies. They are great! I don't think there's anything fancy going on with a piece of foam. In fact, I like them better than the original Shure tips.

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T500 is what the TF10 uses.

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I know the T500 Platinum/Grey is what comes as the stock foam tips with the TF10. I don't know how they're going to sound. 'davidk' claimed they sound terrible, and others claim they make a massive difference of improvement.

I'm going to see how they sound (when I get them). But my question still doesn't stand. T-500 vs TX-500, and why Comply call the TXs "Audiophile".

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Hi, Comply calls the TX the "Audiophile" because the series, with the wax guard, is the top of the line for foam tips. We've also labeled it that because the "typical" Audiophile person wants the best sound and, in turn, the best products.
Beyond noise reduction and comfort, the wax guard protects your earphones from clogging.
Unless you have gross ears, they should last a long time. I don't think the wax guard hinders sound quality either… Unless it's full of wax.

Can I ship you pair (on me)?

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What is the size of the Comply's that come with the TF10s? The pair that mine came with are far too big and feel like rape in my ears. I have yet to try the smalls yet, but from my experience with the ones that came with my TF10s, I don't find them very comfortable. 

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The Triple Fi 10s use T-500 (or TX-500).

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I have been working on the new complyfoam.com website for the past few months. It just launched and I can tell you from having personally tested their entire line of products that I love all of them. However, for my money, I would stick with the T-500 -- the TX-500 is for wax guard, so if you have lots of waxy build up on your tips, I would get the TX-500. But comfort and sound wise, I prefer the T-500. And I have tested with your earphones, it is a great new experience. 


FYIshop online at complyfoam.com and use coupon code T9RRU06D7B1 for 20% off! (May 15-31, 2011).



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