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For Sale: K601 for sale - PRICE DROP

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For Sale:
K601 for sale - PRICE DROP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought these from their original owner a year and a half ago. He said he used them for around 25 hours IIRC, and I've only had them on my head for less than 10 hours total :P (plus ~50 hours of burn in). I loved these in the store where I demo-ed them, but they're not the same on my mediocre home rig, and I can't afford to shell out for the power they need.


Very good condition, comes with the original white box w/ cardboard headstand, but not the original sleeve. I'm asking for $140 total shipped via USPS Priority inside the US, and I'm willing to ship overseas, price adjusted for shipping. PM me if you have any questions, thanks.


** SOLD **

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Also, I forgot to add that I do have plenty of feedback here, but not on this new system (I've also sold quite a bit on Knifeforums and Foodieforums under the same username, where I've spent most of my time in the past few years). If you didn't see it in my signature, here's my old feedback thread:


And I have a 1/4" --> 1/8" adapter from Radio Shack that I'll include if you want, since I don't need it anymore.


The only trade I might be interested in is for an AD900, otherwise these are for sale only.

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These cans sounds excellent with Audio-GD DAC 19 + C-2, it should pair well with NFB-12 :)

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You obviously have a different definition of 'affordable' and 'portable' than I do...

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