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Which one is better for me

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Hello everyone I'm new to head fi so go easy on me.

I'm an avid gamer who has an appreciation for game audio and what it adds to games and have been slowly working my way around a few different headsets i started on the Tritton ax pro and ax 720 at the same time and preferred the ax pro then I heard good things bout the turtle beach hpa2 and got that and used it with the pro decoder box, then I got a creative extigy decoder to use with it, then the hd audio rush decoder and preferred the sound in that to the extigy.

Well at that point I was very happy with the hpa2/hd audio rush combo, the sound was amazing but one thing that I wanted was mic monitoring for playing Xbox live with my mates and stop me shouting without realising so I purchased the turtle beach dx11 or x11 and dss decoder in a box together basically.

Although it was a bit excessive having the 2 set ups it worked well having the dx11 for multiplayer and hpa2/hd audio rush for single player campaign and movies etc.

Not long after getting the dx11 though and the hd audio rush decoder's audio took a nosedive and was distorted and and muffled(cheap china made product I figured) so that was now useless

I recently got a astro mixamp off of eBay and tried to get hold of a hpx 1 cable to convert the hpa2 into a hpx to use with the mixamp but no one has one and turtle beach don't ship overseas so I have been using the green front audio cable to go through the y adaptor on the mixamp for sound but it not ideal really so I been reading about on places like Mlg gaming forums and there some good advice about using headphones for gaming but they not knowledgeable on in depth questions
Regarding sounds and they have good things to say bout head fi so here I am.

Well I've now got a audio technica ad 900 on order from audiocubes.com which I ordered last week so am just waiting for that to be delivered and am excited at getting my first proper audiophile headphones, I noticed the ad 1000 model as well and was wondering if anyone has any experience with ad 900 or 1000 with the mixamp and what one is better suited for games
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See my sig. 


ATH-A900 > SU-DH1 amp > optical cable >PS3/xbox.


use the offical xbox plug into your controller headset and set chat output for your headphones.

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Thanks for the reply expat, how would you describe the game sound through the ad 900?
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A900 closed(not ad900 open), I love em, been happy since day one.


many gamers swear by the ATH-AD700 (open).


i play mostly FPS and have great directional sound.

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Yeah I've read lots of great comments bout the ad700 I got the ad900 ordered cos of the ad 700 lack of bass and few people said the ad 900 bass a bit better, have you ever used any gaming headsets and can describe the difference and the way the audio technicas sound?

Thanks in advance
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The Audio Technicas are enjoyed for the competitive edge they give in games. They have little bass as to not muffle footsteps, and have great positional audio. They're not exactly fun, however. If you're looking for fun sound, you might be better served with something like the Ultrasone Pro 900s. Soundstage is not quite as open, but still very good. The bass kick will make games much more fun and immersive, however.


I haven't heard the AD900 per say, but the AD700 definitely lack a lot of bass. I'd be interested to know just how much the AD900 improves over the AD700.

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There are several great gaming headphone threads here on head-fi, did you do a search and read through them yet. Search `gaming headset`, `best gaming headphones` and `gaming headset`.


One thread that is quite new has a guy comparing many gaming headsets, I recommend you read through some threads and then come back with more questions.

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Just out of curiosity if I got the akg701/702 in future would the fiio e5 portable amp do the job to power them when using the headphones with my astro mixamp?
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I know nothing else is this thread...


but NO is the answer to your question.

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Originally Posted by Melvins View Post

I know nothing else is this thread...


but NO is the answer to your question.



In regards to the Ad700 vs the Ad900, right now with the Ad900 being $200 they are worth every penny to upgrade. You can easily sell good conditioned Ad700s used for $75 right now effectively making the Ad900 cost $125. I recently did a more in-depth review of the Ad900 which you can find in my profile.

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K thanks for all the replies to questions and that includes all the earlier awnsers from the other day.

Im guessing the e9 model would be my best bet then for amp?

Also can anyone recommend a few good online retailers that you have experience of or know are rated high for buying headphones from?

Been looking at the beyerdynamic dt 990 premium too, reviews sound good and sound signature is up my street but difficult to know what retailer to go for.

Been a bit strange on uk sellers of ad 700 suddenly hughesdirect has them listed as unavailable and aren't listed on amazon anymore for selling them
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The E9 should in theory power the K701, but it may not be a good match up. You're going to want to read up on that, find what other k701 owners are recommending.

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Hold on a minute. You'd already ordered AD900 and you question if you should have ordered the AD1000? And then you side-tracked to ask about AD700, K701/702 and DT990. Your line of questioning sounded more like you are still looking for a headphone...


No matter what others say, the best headphone is the one you have on your head. Since you'd already gotten (or getting) the AD900, why not give it a chance and listen for yourself how it actually work like with your astro mixamp? Find out for yourself if the handphone give more life-like experience to gaming and make music-listening more pleasurable.

There are lots and lots of headphones out there, in all shape and sizes. There are even more opinion out there, and what they perceived won't be the same as yours. I bet you will be able to appreciate more headphones after putting sometime into the AD900. Don't rush.

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valid point.

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