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Waw! So many replies to this thread! haha..

What I can say that, at first, I thought that this headphones was a little too bassy.. But it has burnt-in and it's rather well with the Vocals.. 

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please can you tell me the inside diameter of the headphone?thanks

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Oh wow.. I didn't know this thread is still alive XD

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Just wanted to throw in.  I swear, these headphone's bass punch AND body is strong.  It is weird.  Still the only headphone I have ever heard to have that sort of bass.  It is just so visceral.  Best way I can describe it is almost like shooting a gun.  Hard hitting with weight (soundwise.)

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How does AH-D1100 compare with Sony XB700 and Klipsch Image One?  Thanks

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I have mine eq'd with ipod on bass reduction and fiio e7 on bass boost 1. The sound is easily the best I've heard inside this pricerange.

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Some brilliant informative info here.


I have a question and it may be difficult to answer but at this moment in time I am torn between buying the Denon 1100 or the Senn 280 pro. Now I will not be using an amp, mostly will be using these to be plugged into my pc or into my ipod. The price range of these I have found to be very similar. I listen to all types of music play different games and all types of movies. With these in mind could you recommend which one would be better suited for my needs, thanks.

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Nice review. Do you plan on getting wood cups or a recable?

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These were a pretty good pair of headphones when I had them. The isolation, comfort, and bass was definitely notable. The build quality was iffy and the treble sounded a little weird.

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Hi, I just want to let people know that the construction of these is not so weak as some people say. Headband is made of metal and also the joint between headband and cups is made of brass. Only outside shell is made of plastic, so it should resistible for normal use. I also realized that it is very easy to disassemble them if you would like to re-cable them. You just need to remove ear-cups that are held on their place just by plastic hooks and then just unscrew 4 screws.





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Sadly I have to correct myself.. I've had them for less than a month and I found a crack on earcup holder, that is probably the only stressed part made of plastic. :-(

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I'm so disappointed with them. Bought them just two weeks ago,headphones are just amazing. Sound and comfort is very good for their cost,but the cupholders are so ****ty. Yesterday i found little cracks on both cupholders as you can see in the photo. I'm really worried if it's gonna break in that part. It happened despite my effort to keep them save all the time. Cracks appeared from nowhere. Tomorrow im giving them back for the warranty check but it's a big chance that i will need to pay for repairing myself. If you are thinking about buying them keep in mind that you need to be very very very careful with them.Sorry for my poor english,hope it will help  someone. 

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great Headphone review.


i may actually get these as my next pair of headphones for they're nice price.


really well thoughtout, and an actual grueling stress test.


so did you really listen to these Cans for this long without sleeping?

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can you really feel the bass, more so than some headphones like the hd25 and m50

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Originally Posted by WakiDabeast View Post

can you really feel the bass, more so than some headphones like the hd25 and m50

Yes, the bass is more powerful than D2000 and soundstage is huge.
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