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SoundMAGIC products now available through Micca Store and Amazon.com

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SoundMAGIC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Micca Store to bring our wide selection of headphone and earphone products to US consumers.  Through this partnership, SoundMAGIC products will be available through Micca Store's web site at www.miccastore.com as well as through Amazon.com. Immediately available are four of our most popular products: the PL11, PL30, PL50, and P20. Additional products will become available in the future.

SoundMAGIC products employ unique and innovative design, exhibit high performance-to-cost ratio, and our products are widely known and well regarded for their capabilities. As we continue to grow our company and the SoundMAGIC brand, we now have approximately 50 retailers/distributors throughout Asia, Europe, and America. Our products enjoy a high degree of popularity both at home and abroad, propelling us ahead in this industry.

Micca Store has established an excellent reputation for providing excellent service to their customers as well as supporting user communities such as Head-Fi. This partnership combines the quality, value, and performance of our SoundMAGIC products with the customer-focused service and support of Micca Store. Together, we look forward to serving the headphone needs of US consumers.

Thank you,

Michael Lin



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I'm confused whether the A10 is available or not.  I see it is in your sig, but not on amazon or any website

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Thanks for the introduction. We are excited to add SoundMagic's headphone products to our product selection. We hope to make SoundMagic headphone products more accessible to US consumers, so that more people can discover and enjoy them.


For now, we have the PL11, PL30, PL50, P20 headphones available for purchase. More products will be added in the next 2-3 months.



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i'm Alex, member of jix-store and schopfhandel on ebay europe, we sell SoundMAGIC, FiiO and some other good products. I've an account on amazon.com called SoundMAGIC, but it's to hard to work with it while staying in europe. Jack, have you any idea with that account? You can use it, if you want... or i use it for US, and you ship it... 

I told it Tony some times ago and Michael could know it too. 

It based on the idea of an amazon account named SoundMAGIC with full controll by the brandname owner or his authorisized person.

use skype for raptorconsult please

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Hi Buddy,

please remember my message on http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/539754/soundmagic-products-now-available-through-micca-store-and-amazon-com#post_7347031 

I hope, you know the difference between amazon.com and amazon.de (or amazon.co.uk) 


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