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So, the PEQ3 is giving me a it of trouble in that it's output is below line level at only 150mV.


I'm looking at a replacement, and the TCC TC-750LC and the Esoteric Sounds Rek-O-Kut MKII both look like good choices with twice the output voltage and a slightly better signal/noise.


What I'm really asking here is this, how big of a difference is that extra 150mV? Am I still going to be maxing out the volume sliders (currently all 100% produces maybe 30% levels in line in mode and maybe 60-75% in unboosted mic mode) or will that knob on the TCC come in handy?


In addition, my cart ouputs at 3.5mV and the Esoteric has a sensitivity of 3.4v, is this cutting it too close? Or does it matter?