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Originally Posted by rbf1138 View Post

Has anyone bought a replacement cable for these? I have a brand new pair of 232's on the way, but I was curious what would happen in the event that I needed an additional cable for these. The Audeo website sells extra filters and tips, but not cables. Any experiences with this?


Also, can someone link me to exactly which Olive's will fit appropriately on the nozzle?


I broke my cable accidentally and Chelsea send me 3 new ones as replacement


Chelsea B. Utley


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HearingPlanet Inc.

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Suite 400

Brentwood, TN 37027

Phone: 1.800.432.7669 ext. 449

Fax: 615.248.5903

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Sorry guys but Audeo PFE 232 < Westone 4R

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Originally Posted by leadbythemelody View Post

Sorry guys but Audeo PFE 232 < Westone 4R

i sold my 4r and have 232 as replacement.
4r's bass not for me.
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+1 on PF232 > W4R ;).

Both great iems but with very different presentation.

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I actually would place the 232 on the level of the W4.

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Technically they are on the same level. But personally I like the fuller mids of the Westone 4R. The PFE232's have deeper/stronger bass, but it's not strong enough to justify/ignore their thin/synthetic midrange.

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I'm really loving my 232s but I'm wondering what IEMs might make a nice complimentary pair to go with them. My shortlist includes: Sony EX1000, JVC Fx700, V-Sonic GR07,Audeo PFE122, Audeo PFE 132, Westone 4R

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Earsonics Sm3's or V2's. Incredibly thick and detailed mids. Bass is IMO better than the PFE232's as well. But the PFE232's are way faster and and a bit better at imaging. Mids are not realistic but I still love that liquid-buttery sound...

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PFE 232 bass is great


Amp that baby and the treble is sorted

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I just posted this on average joe's nt-6 pro thread:

"So, average joe's review of the nt-6 pro is EXACTLY how i would describe my pfe-232 in comparison to my jh16's. To me that is pretty incredible in regards to the phonak's performance. In many regards i hold it in higher regard to my jh16's but not all.

I think the largest area's that the nt-6 pro sounds similar to my pfe is the bass boost, being more subtle than the jh16, but with great speed and texture with the ability to adjust to the track vs being always on with the jh16s.

The midrange of the 232s might be a bit more recessed than the nt-6 pro, but the pfe's have less mid bass, increasing clarity and allowing more details to filter in. I think this also adds to the pfe's being more bright and a bit more thin (but not too thin) than the jh16s.

Treble is brighter on the pfe232, but is still very smooth and has a little less sibilance than the jh16. With a brighter treble, i also feel that there are a few more details revealed with the pfe232 than the jh16.

Jh16's in my mind are also more intimate and close than the pfe's, another parallel to nt-6 pro. This can lead the jh16's to reveal more details in some aspects, but the pfe's also have better dynamics and aren't quite as in your face as the jh16s. By this i mean that jh16's present everything at a similar, loud volume compared to the pfe's which allow for more difference in volume between instruments.

Again, havent heard the nt-6 pro's but am very suprised in how average joe described them and their similarities to the nt-6 pro. Makes me want to hear them, and also increases how impressed i am with my pfe's. Again, this is interpretation from what i am hearing and based on my ability to accurately imagine the description of the nt-6 pro."

This is not to say that the nt-6 is better than my jh16's, but I would not necessarily call my jh16's better. If I HAD to chose which one was better, it might be the 16's but by a hair. This would be because of the more forward (and thereby neutral) midrange, and more bass quanitity. My jh16's are also the most forgiving iem's i have owned. By that i mean that they sound good out of any source i have, while many other iem's i have owned are more picky.

Another note about midrange. In my mind, midrange has two dimensions. .

The first is volume which determines whether the midrange is recessed, neutral, or forward. The jh16's i would call neutral, and their increased mid-bass makes them warm. The pfe-232's have less midbass, which increases clarity by a small margin but makes them thinner, and very slightly recessed in comparison to bass and treble.

The second dimension is coloration. Many mid-forward iems are slightly colored in addiiton to being forward. Their is a "tone" or "house sound" that is audible on all tracks when listened to with certain headphones. This isn't a bad thing, but takes away from transparency. I found this to be the case with my shure's and my dream earz. Both the jh16's and pfe's are very transparent, despite their differences in mid-presence.
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If anyone is interested I'm selling my pre 232's just listed them in the sellers section. 

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I might be selling my pfe112 if anyone is interested.  I'm not sure yet, but if someone made a reasonable offer i might be willing to part with them now that i have the er4s.

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Just wondering is there any third party diy cables for PFE 232.

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Originally Posted by atankh View Post

Just wondering is there any third party diy cables for PFE 232.


No..............even Chris himself does not have one.

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Thinking of buying the PFE 232 from Earphone solution with the 40% off but was wondering on how to get replacement cable in the future since Audeo have ceased operation on IEM.  Becos of this I stuck in whether to get the Westone 4R or PFE 232

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