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Did yours come packaged with scotch tape covering the drivers/filters. Mine came and it was sealed ect., same packaging but the earbuds are taped to the back of the cardboard insert. Never seen scotch tape used in any sort of factory packaging let alone $400+ earphones. I'm guessing maybe they had to make a quick fix at the factory because the buds kept falling down into the packaging? But I'm still kind of wondering if I got used earphones from the 3rd party. 

Mine was the same, I guess they wanted to prevent any kind of dirt to get into the filter.

The more I listen to these earphones, the more I can appreciate them. I`m getting used to the sound (which is simply perfect for me) and can now concentrate on all the little things, I love it. Just wanted to say something about watching movies with them (didn`t see anyone recommending them for that), I watched a bit of Inception and I love them for movies, huge soundstage and the bass destroys atleast in Inception. Not to mention the soundtrack in generall...





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