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Audez'e LCD-2 Latest vs. Intial

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As some of you guys know, I have my LCD-2 sent back to base to fix a minor problem. The conversation is smooth and just after a day or two, Sankar told me that my replacement headphone is on FedEx truck blink.gif I did not really pay attention to the "replacement" part, thought it's just be fixed. Today my LCD-2 delivered and it turned out to be a new one. The packaging is much better than the old days. Double boxed (not to mention the signature wooden box) and ear cups are wrapped carefully in thin plastic wrap.


This is when I notice other differences. The pads are so different. The material, (which is still lambskin I believe lol), is much softer and provide better feeling in hands as well as on head. The surface of the pads is flatter thus better seal. I'm  very happy with the new pads.


The headband foam is thicker and made from better quality foam. I feel a lot more secured with the new foam than the old one.


Metal LR blocks look cool. I still have the replacement blocks sent by Audez'e few months ago lying around here since I did not swap them in on my old LCD-2.


I'm very busy at this moment but I need to throw in some words regarding Audez'e CS and differences between the old and the new LCD-2 (which I know all of you knew already :D).


Thank you, Alex and Sanker beerchug.gif

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Now I'm glad I waited.  I wonder if I wait a little more it'll be even nicer.


Then again, if I keep waiting I might end up getting an LCD-3 wink_face.gif

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