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what is this 'hybird' custom that you refer to? is it a dynamic + ba or ma or electret (iem k340? :-> )?

Yes.  I'll believe it when I see it.  I've discussed UM doing a custom dynamic before and that didn't go anywhere.  I'm not holding my breath. 

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You mean the Merlin BA/dynamic hybrid that UM is supposed to be working on?

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nice review rawrster and I enjoyed the pics - particularly the nicely colored shells. 

Keep us updated on the reliability of these in the long term. I hope the lower price does not directly translate to reduced quality of materials. 

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The one I have seemed pretty well built but of course I will find out over the course of time. I did however send them back for a minor adjustment and should get them back middle to late next week. project86 has had his 1964-T for a while without any issues with build so I have faith that they will hold up and if anything should happen I do have a one year warranty and in my experience if something was to go wrong due to error of 1964 Ears it typically happens early on.


Either way I do like them and look forward to when I get them back in my possession.

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which audiologist did you use and how was your experience? if you haven't already, please post this info in the audiologists impressions thread, following the instructions in the first post:


do you think that a refit is needed because of the audiologist or because of how 1964 ears handled the impressions?

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I've used the same audiologist as previously so have already posted it there. There is no way to guarantee a perfect fit so I wouldn't say it is the audiologist. It's not so simple where you go to an experienced audiologist and no refit is needed. When you consider how customs are made it's impossible to have a perfect fit every time you buy a custom. You can reduce the risk for a refit by going to someone who knows what they are doing but no way to eliminate it.


I've had the need for refit both times with different customs by different companies so I wouldn't blame the audiologist for it. As a matter of fact I'm going to make another appointment with the same person for a different custom.

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Rawrster, would you say the 1964T sounds better than the UM2 and UM3x?

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About an inch away from dropping the bomb on these, hopefully it will stop my universal spree.

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Originally Posted by Zinte View Post

Rawrster, would you say the 1964T sounds better than the UM2 and UM3x?

I have not heard either of those earphones so I cannot give an answer.


Originally Posted by Varley View Post

About an inch away from dropping the bomb on these, hopefully it will stop my universal spree.

I can still enjoy a good universal even with customs but I haven't had the same amount of buying/selling like I did before customs. I consider the 1964-T better than any universal I've heard but there's plenty of universals I have not heard before.


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Yea, with the amount of switching and changing of universals, In a years time I would of probably lost enough money selling/buying pairs to have funded a decent pair of customs, I'm just hoping I really do like them and I fall in love, because there's not really an easy'ish way of getting rid of them if I don't rolleyes.gif


Got impressions booked for 25th, then I'll send them off with an order form straight away, just colours now, I'm thinking Dark purple translucent with clear canals, and my intials on one piece, 1964 EARS on the other, pretty excited for these now, never thought I'd have the balls to venture down the route of customs biggrin.gif

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THanks, just read the review

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Deleted because moved post to 1964 Ears Appreciation thread.

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