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SAN DIEGO Meet, April 23 - Page 19

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Awesome meet guys, that really was a treat for me. listening to the upper end orthos and electrostats were the best for me. I was really surprised about the akg 340, I was not expecting it at all, but those were my 4th favorite cans there (along with the more obvious LCD2, HE6, and Omega in roughly that order)

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I preferred the Lambda over the Omega, IMO.
Big surprise for me was the AKG K501. I enjoyed your HD 555's as well.

Impression thread...?
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I wonder was Mr Speakers the one with the dynamat LCD2s?

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The guy with the music server?
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No, wasn't Mrspeakers. Dannybuoy.
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Ah I enjoyed talking to him. 

He was very bright and talked to me like just another regular person instead of a kid

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Very good meet.  Highly revealing to say the least.  tongue_smile.gif  Great treat meeting you all and fantastic sampling of gear!  Thx to UE too for sponsoring the event. Kudos!

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Thanks to UE for sponsoring, and to MrSpeakers for organising the meet.

It was great to meet some names and listen to some incredible gear.

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I thank you for mrspeakers for organizing the meet as well. Also the UE staff were very friendly and helpful. 

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Thanks mrspeakers for organizing the event.  Thanks UE for sponsoring.


BTW, my gf took some pics during the event.  I will upload them a bit later.

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Thanks mrspeakers for organizing and UE for sponsoring the meet. It was an amazing way to celebrate my bday, and I'm definitely switching to stax.
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I finally got my audiogd gear, sounds amazing! cant wait for the next sd meet/mini meet.

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Hopefully soon! I didn't get to try the LCD 2s long enough, I spent all my time with my headphones hooked up to that funny looking amp and that expensive cd player, and the excellent Stax Sigmas.biggrin.gif:D;)
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Those would be the EHHA Rev A (IIRC), and the Reda Apollo. Fascinating pieces of stuff.
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