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SAN DIEGO Meet, April 23

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OK, we're going to host a meet for anyone in So Cal who'd like to spend a Saturday afternoon in downtown San Diego's lovely little Italy.  




Location: 10AM-3PM, Doubletree Hotel, 1646 Front Street, San Diego, 92101.  The meeting room is on the pool-level, down the main hall on the left.


Parking is in the building, we have a $5 rate.  Let them know you're with Head-fi.


Electrical:  We have extension cords, but it will really help if everyone brings a power strip(s) adequate to your equipment's outlet needs.  They will charge for additional electrial, and I am sure nobody wants me running around with a tin-cup.


Tables: 10 tables and 32 chairs.  A few people aren't bringing gear, a few have small kits, and a few are going to need a fair piece of real-estate so I think this should cover us.  If anyone thinks I'm off my rocker on this, say so.  It's my first meet...  wink_face.gif


EDIT:  Ultimate Ears has stepped forward to cover the cost of the venue!  Also, they're bringing an audiologist along, and planning a raffle for FIVE EARPHONES!  



The venue fills up with 40 people, and we're going first come first served.  If we hit 40 I will make a backup list.  If I missed your name and you confirmed as definite before we hit 40 I will correct the list, so please check to make sure I have your name.  


Current count is now 37 YES and 2 TENTATIVE.  Tentative will have first right of refusal if list fills up to 38.  



Location: Doubletree Hotel, downtown San Diego, 10AM-3PM (executive decision)


VL (Ultimate Ears), Ryan, Jeanette, audiologist

A selection of IEM's to audition, plus an audiologist!



Compaq laptop w/ foobar 2000 > FLAC > USB

Audinst MX1 DAC/headamp - configured as USB/Toslink converter

Neko D100 Mk2 balanced DAC

Matrix mini-i balanced DAC/headamp

Phillips GoGear MP3 player 

SRM-252II Stax amp

Koss E90 stat amp

KGSSHV balanced stat amp 

Little Dot MKIII amp (modded)

Millett Starving Student Hybrid (MSSH) headamp.

Cans: Stax SR-202, Koss ESP-950, AKG K702, Sennheiser HD555 



Custom Woodied t50rp

Techheromods Grado 225i

Matrix Mini I

Macbook Pro

Plenty of Grado Woody cups



eXStatA amp

EHHA revA amp on a board

AKG sextetts

Stax lambda sigs


some portable amps

maybe P-3A dac and reel to reel



tf10s, hd555s, and modded t50rp

macbook pro with ~10gb of flac (still trying to rerip my whole library)





Koss ESP950, Hifiman 602 and Arrow amp



DAC/Amps:  CEntrance DACPort,  iBasso D12, Burson 160D
Phones: Fostex T50rp (modified), JH16, HD650, Audeze LCD-2
Music:  400GB of lossless and 24/88.2 and 24/96 flac.  Did I say Shpongle is the best band, ever?  
Software:  Pure Music, iTunes
Other:  M2Tech HiFace



Barney Grado's (if not sold by then)

Sennheiser HD280

Portapro's (Just in case anyone wants to try them)

Sources:  Sansa Clip+ w/µSDHC card and a lot of good music, Possibly iPod nano

Amps:  PA2v2

Fiio E9 and a pair of HD650

Definitely bring barney grado's-

MacBook White 2.2GHz 4GB Ram-52GB's lossless, 3200 songs HQ MP3



Audio-Technica AD2000, HD650, and a 2-board Beta22





y1, mini3, dt770-80, Terminator V4, M^3 in progress



audio-gd NFB-10ES

DT-880 600ohm


Ortofon e-Q7



n3rdling (tentative)

Accuphase DP-75 -> Blue Hawaii -> Stax Omega/Stax Omega2 mk1

I might also bring a Lambda and Sigma, and depending on some other factors I'll think about bringing the HE90






Denon D7000 and an Ibasso D2 Mamba (maybe) to sell


Friend of Hammer1

Friend of Hammer2



I'll prob bring my Ultrasone Pro 900s, Fischer Audio FA-003, and HD600s.

I might also bring my Matrix M-Stage and Audinst HUD-MX1.



  • Media Server with SSD
  • Violectric V181 with 24Bit USB Module (running balanced amp and want Balanced DAC instead of USB module)
  • "Full Moon Modded" Audeze LCD-2 (Dynamat Extreme Closed Cup Mod I am playing with) with Norse Audio 8 Wire with Neutrik 4 Pin XLR.
  • Project TT, Audio Technica 33EV Cart, RSA F-117 Nighthawk Phono Stage (I can bring a dozen of the newly released MoFi vinyl).
  • Pioneer Elite 47Ai DVD-A, SACD.


  • HifiMan 602
  • IBasso PB2 Toucan Balanced
  • UE Triple-fi with balanced Null Audio Enya & HiRose



Music Fidelity V-DAC -> Firestone Audio Cute Beyond amp with OPA 627 upgrade and Supplier PSU -> Grado SR-225 and AKG K-701



SR60i, ATH-M50, T50RP, DT770Pro80, AHD2000
Fiio E7/E9, LittleDot II+, ipod video/touch



'Schiit' down (Asgard, Lyr), DT990/600's and HD600's down.



iPhone 4 with EQu + 320 mp3's

Homemade standard CMoy

Shure SRH840

Koss PortaPros

Grado SR60






LCD-2s w/Norse Audio 8-strand cable, Schiit Lyr and Violectric V181


observer (no gear)



cowon J3 and ATH-M50







Amazing music collection!









KrypticMind and KrypticWife  ;-)




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I'm down to bring my Koss ESP950.

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I plan to be there

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April 23, is good with me

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I'm in!

PM on the way...

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Sounds like fun! I may be in attendance, go ahead and write me down just in case. 


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I'm coming!

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Cool.  PM me to let me know what gear you'll be bringing and I'll update the initial post.  I'll be offline for a few days due to business, but should update by this weekend...

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Very interested 

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Holy crap! I had no idea there were so many SD ppl on here, Im out in el cajon, I would like to come too, I can only bring tf10s, hd555s, and modded t50rp's.


sounds very fun, have not heard any high end setups before.

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Three T50rp variants! That should be a lot of fun for comparison. 

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I am hazard to hear the other t50s, and to check out the woodies!
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I'll be there

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Dude Milos, we're gonna be like best friends. We'll have been to 4 of the same meets by the end of April haha.

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Haha yea I noticed you're going to all the CA meets too biggrin.gif

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