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Meelectronics CC51 Review & Audition thread

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Edit: now that the CC51 audition is well on its way, this thread will be used to hold links to all of the review/impressions posts. The info below the break is kept for the reference of those participating in the program.



Links to CC51 Reviews/impressions:


Meelec CC51 Impressions (by jant71)

My personal impressions on Meelec CC51 (by DervishD)

Meelec CC51 Review (by mootookang)




Info for those auditioning my CC51:



I know the CC51 is not really a hot-ticket item but as with all these things I expect the person auditioning them to take responsibility while the earphones are in his/her charge, treat them with care, and forward them (with some sort of tracking) to the next head-fier in line. 


Some ground rules for anyone willing to participate:

-Must agree to hold on the earphones no longer than two weeks from the day of receipt and mail them out to the next person in line, packaged appropriately and with any accessories cleaned and passed on.

-Please sterilize the earphone housings and the included tips if you use them (or use your own). If you don't have alcohol/peroxide, please notify the next person in line that you have not done so.

-Please be honest if something happens to the earphones - I don't want any blame to fall on the wrong person (or anyone, for that matter). There's a small break in the cable sheath already (from me taking off the included shirt clip) but if everyone is careful it shouldn't be a problem.


I am not requiring full reviews to be posted (though I certainly wouldn't complain) but some opinion/comparison posts would be nice, especially if you own similarly-priced or even higher-end earphones. This is meant to be more of a fun experience and I know firsthand that writing a review with a listening deadline can be tough. Therefore, no enforcement of this one.


Edit: The CC51 is now out of my hands. Here is a list of the participants - please PM the next person when you are finished with the earphones and pass them on. If for any reason you are no longer interested please let me know and I will remove you from the list.














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Are Canadians allowed to join?

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I'm pretty interested, is there any type of form to fill out?
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Originally Posted by CanadaBoy View Post

Are Canadians allowed to join?

If there's enough of you, I'll make it a figure-eight with a loop across canada.


Originally Posted by mootookang View Post

I'm pretty interested, is there any type of form to fill out?

Nope, posting here is enough. 

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Thanks Joker, hopefully this program would be as successful as the recent guessing contest.

I'm really surprised that the turnout is fairly low, CC51 seems like a wildcard for Meelec's new lineup.
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It's a very good iem for this price range I can vouch for it. I can only see a treble-head being disappointed in these sound wise.

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Great idea joker, I'm interested as well!

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Great idea Joker. I'm from Mumbai so I don't qualify, but I look forward to hearing others opinions of the 'phones and seeing how much they agree or differ. Hope the tour goes smoothly...
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I'd love to give these a shot, but I'm afraid I don't have much experience with IEMs (having only iM716s and the MEElec M6v2 to seriously compare).

EDIT: although I will say I've been looking very hard at either the RE0/Zero or the Sunrise Xcape, v1 or v2. Whenever the V2 reviews start tricking out is probably when I'll make my decision (especially yours, joker). Got some money burning a hole in my PayPal account...

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Good idea. I keep hoping more reviews of the new MEElec line will turn up soon. This will defiantly help. Sadly I do not qualify nor would I be a great choice if I did. Still a noob. :p

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ljokerl -- add me to the CC51 route list -- I would love to give them a try.  I have a couple of the MEElec models, albeit on the lower end, so I'm am very curious to see what the ceramic housing does for the sound quality, and if MEElec will successfully move up the ladder so to speak with some higher quality and priced IEMs.  Thanks for the opportunity!

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I would be intersted I would love to try them out

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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

It's a very good iem for this price range I can vouch for it. I can only see a treble-head being disappointed in these sound wise.

By wildcard, I didn't imply that CC51 is bad. It's just that at it's price point, it could be consider Meelec's current flagship.

Though through Joker's impression, it feels like A151 is a more user-friendly model in the lineup. CC51 is hold back through the straight down wearing design, some driver flex, and doesn't have the treble peak in most high-end IEMs.

I think it would be a bit difficult for people to sink $80 on an IEM that's very YMMV at the moment (especially with the limited reviews out there), and a program like this will help people understand it more.
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Added a list to the OP. I'll keep it open until there are 10 participants. A trip to Canada is still under consideration if either there aren't enough responders or more Canadian head-fiers express interest. To those already on the list, if for any reason you are no longer interested please let me know and I will remove you.

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I guess that makes me the first stop on the tour as I have them right now. I have had them for a week or so.


Must say they are a more mature evolution for Mee. Very handsome phone and nicely designed. I would have preferred the cable found on some of the other Mee phones but it is still a nice cable. I see the evidence of removing the tight fitting/sharp edged cable without some liquid soap or other lubrication. Tearing of the cable sheathing is possible otherwise. 


The CC51 is a shallow sitting phone and may need some users to go up one tip size for the best fit/isolation. Unless you wear them over the ear which allows deeper insertion. I find over the ear works perfectly well but I would use silicone guides to protect the cable from skin oils and such. 


I listened to them for a while. I compared them to my current main earphone and they were somewhat similar, though more bassy, and they held their own quite well. Surprised, I went to check and saw that  lJokerl gave them an 8 for SQ. A bit more bass than I like with the stock tips, though it depends on the source used. I liked them best with clear bi-flanges for use with my Sony S639.


The CC51 are a well done phone. Clear and smooth. Clarity that falls just short of being bright. Smooth that stops before being mellow, or sluggish in any way. I find the bass slightly dominant but not forward. Joker explained, the treble is the thing that is slightly behind/laid back allowing for this. To me, the bass has impact a bit less in relation to amount. I agree this helps keep the bass from being sluggish and help the resolution/detail.


The mids are well resolved, well integrated, and fairly warm/smooth. The mids maintain good detail and clarity as well for a good balance of traits. A bit intimate on the vocals. Not the depth of higher phones or the range from forward to back but right there with with the other popular phones in their price range. Vocals are nicely separated and easily heard/distinguished. Clear and warm mids just short of lush.


The warmth of the other two ranges makes the treble the least dominant part of the spectrum. Probably helps keep it well behaved. You can crank it a couple extra notches and it goes from crisp to a bit crisper but not to harsh/sibilant/fatiguing. At normal and slightly lower volumes it stay present. The trebles is nicely extended, clear, and well resolved. This is much better treble than Mee has given us previously. Split the difference between the RE0 and the MC5. Right in between the high end extension, detail, and emphasis of the RE0 and the subdued, toned down treble of the MC5. As such, the middle ground will make most everyone happy. They won't offend those who want smooth and are a few ticks of the EQ away from being plenty sparkly.


I agree with lJokerl, that the Soundstage is average for their price outside of a little extra depth, esp. down low. The depth and air slowly start to decrease as you travel from low to the high frequencies. Imaging, placement, tracking are all correct if not super-accurate. Quite a well done presentation for a mid-level dynamic.


All in all, an evolution for Mee. From phones that might do well at a couple of things well here and there to a phone that does most everything quite right. I'm sure there will be nice sales on them in the future as well as Mee's well regarded customer service. Hard not to recommend it for those reasons as well as it being such a well rounded phone that will appeal to most everyone and it's signature is only a bit of tweaking either way to give either a bassy or a bright sound. Or it can be left as is for a well balanced yet smooth sound. 

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