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best IEM for snowboarding

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i need a cheap, decent quality IEM for snowboarding, preferrably $35 or under. im by no means an audiophile, just looking for these things:

comfortability, i wont have pain in my ears after a few hours

a decent build quality, not some crappy wires and speakers that blow in a month

a boomy bass, i really dont care if the bass overpowers the mids and lows by a little bit, im a big-bass craver.

an IEM that i can at least sort of hear my surroundings. id like noise isolation, but not to the point where i cant even hear anything.




thanks in advance.

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ok, so ive done a bit of "research" on head-fi, and it seems as if the two best options that fit my needs are the earjax tonic or the dB logic ep-100. i dont know which one, though...






BTW, sorry if im being a bit buggy by posting all these threads, im just a newcomer to this type of forum, and im on the path to becoming a "semi" audiophile. so please bear with me, thanks. :)

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The dB logics isolate a lot... probably more than you want.  I'd get the Meelec M6 or one of the new M21s (while they're on sale). The Tonic is a good choice too though I wouldn't go so far as to call it 'boomy'.

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ok so you would say the logics are the boomiest bass-heavy IEMs, right? im thinking about getting those over the tonics and another pair of one of my favorite budget IEMs, the radius atomic bass.

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i would use a snowboard for that tbh

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Metro-Fi 220, JVC Air Cushion, Panasonic HJE450 and Sennheiser CX300.........

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hows the bass on the air cushions?

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I would go with a Yuin PK3 earbud at $39.  Great soundstage, imaging, bass and detail and probably the best value i have run into in headphones.  Its an earbud so it does not competely isolate outside sounds and fits well under a helmet. 


I would never snowboard with a fully isolating IEM becuase I want some outside sounds coming in for feedback on how I am manuvering for perfomance and for reasons of safety.  In addition, crashing and landing on an IEM could be damaging for the ear.  An earbud with a helmet on takes care of wind noise too.

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ive done a litle bit more research on the multi IEM comparision thing on head-fi, and im also eying the elago e3. most reviews say they have a boomy, rich basss, with ok vocals, and somewhat decent build quality.

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Do you plan to wear helmet and goggles with the IEM?

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well, i only wore a beanie while boarding, but a week ago when i had nasty fall on a jump, most likely i will be wearing a helmet from now on. The Elago E3, Q:Electronics, and the Earjax Tonics really stand out to me because they all have been reviewed as a very cheap IEM with tons of bass. im having hard time choosing, and id like to order them by next week, which is my next snowboarding trip.

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Yurbuds is not IEM, but it really really stays in ears. It does not sound bad, either.

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If you are going to wear the iem under the helmet, then you definitely want something that's not protruding. Cx300 is pretty compact and got gobbles of bass quantity (but not well controlled), but its wires are on the thin side.
Meleec M6 is the least protruding iem I've ever tried, but its over the ear design may make putting them on taking off a little difficult with gloves. Its bass is not necessarily enough for the bahasa either.
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