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I found my K240M bass way punchier than HD600, almost to the point where it was muddying up the mids. 


But imo the weakest point was the highs, the HD600 sound like full hd resolution compared to 800x600 there, if you know what I mean.

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What amp are you using to drive them? Honestly these old cans are even harder to drive than my DT990, although they are also 600 ohm. So it may be that my amp is still too weak for them.

But it could also be that my pair is malfunctioning to a degree... I use HD650 now, whose bass is slow but clean and full-body. I will compare them more in depth when I get back to home.

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I used some old receiver, Pioneer A series.

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Hi Headzone, as I have listened to and compared my headphones, I tend to agree with you that the weakest point for the K240 is the clarity/highs. Things are just not as refined as my other cans. I originally thought it was due to the old foam/padding/cup being a little shabby and unstable though. 

As for the bass, seems that my first impression was kind of mislead by the relatively small sound stage. The bass in K240 should be quite enough for me in pure quantity, it's just not so full-bodied as the HD650 or not so well-defined as the DT990. The sub bass is especially recognizable, which I guess should be special for AKG headphones. The drums beats almost in my ear canal, which is something I'm not used to, since the other two pairs present the bass as coming from the surround of my head and then into the ear. 

And the mids do seem to be affected, though I can't tell clearly how. The female voice is not as refined as the HD650s, though the musicality is there. 

Over all I think they are good in their own way. One thing that impresses me very much is that they are quite forgiving--they can tolerate the clicks and nicks in some of my vinyl-rip tracks better than my other two headphones--but it's a shame that these rips are often high bit rate whose details seem to go beyond the K240s' capability. 

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