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I'm thinking K240 Sextetts... similar sound signature to the K240, but more refined, and more bass and more fun.

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

Thread ressurection time...


I need to ask for an opinion from someone who has tried these AND also the ATH M-50's. Something deep within me is urging me to buy some AudioTechnica M-50's. It's an almost "uncontrollable urge", to quote DEVO.

After being stunned by the amazing ( to me anyhow ) qualities of these older 240-M's which I use daily and have gotten used to, I was wanting to expand my experience with something else.



I don't wish to go too far below the general sound and fit quality of the 240-M

I am not interested in expanded bass, just something that will be around/sort of neutral, without glaringly obvious in your face stuff.

Preferably something around the ATH M-50 price range give or take a bit ( which seems to be ~ $ 130 -150 plus Canadian here )

Would like them to be over the ear types, nothing that just sits on them. ( hmmm do the ATH M-50's sit entirely over? I never thought about that )

New or used is fine too.

Am I wasting my time considering the ATH? Will it be much different than what I am using now for sound quality? Should I just go with a different AKG model?

Curious, and any response is appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.



As far as my missing decals I got a friend to donate some professional sign-makers decal. Looks like brushed gold-aluminum and perfectly matches the gold color. That's on the sides of the earpieces now. Nice, simple and clean. Best of all FREE.

If you want around neutral, anything AT won't really be it. They all have characteristically colored sound, one way or another, from the ones I've heard at least. Never heard the woodies. The AKG K271 is good for that. They'll sound close enough to your K240M. But yes, Sextetts would be great too.

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THANKS! Looking into the M-50, 271 and Sextet options right now. As far as the coiled vs. straight cable thing, I don't have enough history with headphones to see what the main difference would be. I can remember using my dad's giant phones waaaaaay back when I was under 10 and they had the coiled cable. ( what did he do with those... )  I guess maybe it would avoid twisting up  as the rubber ages like on the straight cabled ones and/or if they used a lesser grade sheathing? Much of a weight difference? I prefer so far to have phones as light and as possible.


Who would ever have thought that there would be so much to consider besides price brackets and the corresponding higher quality sound. The options are all over the map it seems.


You'll have to excuse my ignorance, but if I was to grab a close to neutral set of something  would it really be worth it or really sound much different than what I have? Should I not look for a little tinge of "color"?  I think that's sort of what I am after. Sorry for the confusion but these replies have sort of helped me clarify things a bit more. I really appreciate all the excellent responses and insights. It makes this forum one of the few places I HAVE to hit up every time I turn on the computer.


Oh on a sidenote, I asked my Dad what he uses now and it appears he thinks his newer BOSE ones are great.....I held my tongue. At least he also has a set of lower end wireless Senheisers.

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Originally Posted by Anaxilus View Post

Oddly enough, the AKG 240S/240mkII/271mkII are the first headphones I ever tried that don't fit me properly.  Quite loose compared to what I'm used to.  Don't know if there is a difference between the PRC and Austrian versions.  Any AKGs still made in Austria?

I think most AKGs are still made in Austria...

And have you ever tried their HD series? I think those headphones are better than what you had mentioned above...tongue_smile.gif


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Well what are you using them for? But honestly the M50s are a sidestep or even a step down depending on what's important. If you like the mids of the AKG's you'll be disappointed in the AT's because they have recessed mids.
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Just listening through an amp at home. All higher quality files and cds. They most likely won't leave the house. Maybe not. Maybe I'll stick to a different AKG...


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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

Just listening through an amp at home. All higher quality files and cds. They most likely won't leave the house. Maybe not. Maybe I'll stick to a different AKG...


I meant genres of music haha
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Yeah I am pretty tired tonight. I just clued into that and came back to correct that confused_face.gif.  All sorts of stuff.  Well pretty much everything except blues. Ambient, electronic, classical, traditional classical including a ton of eastern, Zappa, mellow j-pop and hiphop-ish stuff like Nujabes and Nomak, radio interviews like Coast to Coast, soundtracks etc. So it would have to be a well rounded set.

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Oh no....this Head-fi site ...mad.gif


I just found a pair of Yamaha HP1's in original box for $150 Canadian locally. Strange thing is the ad was originally posted FEB 2010 and just renewed now March 2011. Either nobody here is into old stuff like this or they are thrashed. Can't resist this going to check them out tomorrow morning. I have to find out if they are the silver boxed with black writing or the rarer black boxed model with the white writing as per this post: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/218045/yamaha-hp-1/15

either way.....if I get em and find they don't agree with me I'm sure I can trade in here....

 I bet if I grab em and try them for the first time the nuts and bolts will fly off and they'll collapse in a cloud of newly hatched moths... then the box caves in in a swarm of silverfish. Just thinking out loud here. I'm betting anyone in here would think they are a score assuming they are in reasonable shape, if not for the rarity and novelty alone?


sorry I should have combined posts...

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First of all welcome to the club...


Second, limit your budget. Being broke because of buying audio gear is not necessary. 


Third, try to find a good set up for the AKG. 


Collecting headphones to try them is quite fun but that is only one part. If you can make the AKG sing you are a step closer to audio heaven. I have the DF and I personally do not care for anything 'better' and 'newer' because once the DF sings the music starts to speak. 

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I would not recommend the M50's.  If you like the K240 Monitors, then I can practically guarentee that the M50's will have too much bass.


Like someone mentioned, you might take a look at the Sextetts, which have more bass than the Monitors, but not nearly as much as the M50's.  I'd also recommend you look at the K240 Mk II (which is the same as the Studio).  I think the Mk II is one of most underrated 'phones here, and they get you to 90% of the sound of the Sextett without the crapshoot that buying one of those used can be. 


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There is bass quantity and bass quality. Even my old Pioneer Monitor 10 and K240 DF will go low but you have to get the set up right, amplifiers are very important in that regard.

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That's about 75 more than the HP1's usually go for. For $150, you could fund better orthos for that much.
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Originally Posted by Ishcabible View Post

That's about 75 more than the HP1's usually go for. For $150, you could fund better orthos for that much.

Thanks for the pricing info. I'll definitely take that into consideration. The guy who has them has some other fancy audio stuff for sale so he's probably maxing out what he feels they're worth, which in no way will be to my benefit.

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I got a pair of K240 Monitors from ebay recently. I have to say their first sound was quite a disappointment--I was lead to believe (wrongly perhaps) that they are able to compete today's new headphones (some people do prefer them over K7xx right?) But my first impression is muffled sound with a small soundstage. 

Admittedly, the plug for my pair is a bit old, which might account for the muffling. 

Then I got rid of the foam disks since I noticed they are quite dirty. It seemed to help a bit with clearing the sound a bit, but it could also be my placebo effect. Over the time I came to understand why their sound would be preferred by some people, I find myself quite relaxed listening to some old blues through them. Everything in their sound seems quite tender and 'old school'. Bass is well balanced, though not quite punchy nor deep. Mids are warm and clean, treble are kind of rolled off. But everything is still definitely muffled comparing to my other headphones, not to mention the narrow and crowded soundstage, and I feel the Q701s which I used to own should sound better than them (even though the amp I used for the Qs are inferior to my current one). 


I'm not sure whether the sound I hear is their right sound...But if it is, I would still prefer my 'newer' DT990s and HD650s. The Monitor is impossible to compete with them in terms of soundstage, clarity, bass punch and treble. But of course they are just several tens of dollars, and it's mainly my false belief that got me disappointed. I guess I could enjoy their old school feeling from time to time. 

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