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help me choose pl11 or pl21

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Hello all help me choose between soundmagic pl11 or pl21 i have searched here but more often they emphazise on sq.but my main concern is Build quality I am in no way an audiophile so investing in iems is a bit hard for me I just have an ipod nano and want to upgrade the stock buds with somewhat better.I think the cheap soundmagics will suffice for my musical needs.But at the same time i hear they are very poor as far as build quality is concerned. Is the pl21 more sturdy than the pl11 I will go for pl21 if the build quality is better. But from pictures I can see both have the same 3.5 mm jack and people have reported the miniplug is main culprit pls I request you to say how long did your pl11 or pl21 last with normal use. Thank you in advance

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SoundMagic are good in build quality.

Also they are making very good sound (even 3 times more expensive Sony, Sennheiser, akg, Philips etc), but you should use Sony Hybrid eartips! They are greatest!:)

I've got pair of pl12. But with Sony tips they sonds fantastic and when you are looking on their price your smile become the widest:)

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thanks for the replyhow long are you having those pl12 are they durable



coming to my original question what do you suggest me pl11 or pl21 build quality wise also is there much sound quality difference between these 2

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