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Originally Posted by dxps26 View Post

OP, you might want to give the bowls a little wash in warm water with mild shampoo or something - the brand new foam softens up a bit after the first wash, and over the period of a few weeks, will become even softer (Well, relatively. Don't ever think you'll approach XB500 territory)


Second thing you want to do is adjust the headband properly, so that clamping force is minimal. you do this by gently stretching out the metal loop under the el-cheapo vinyl covering - a J$ band in camel or brown looks really awesome on the 325, and is more comfortable than the stock - think about that too.


If this is your first Grado, give yourself and your ears some time to adjust.


If you still feel the bowls are too much, then Jumbos might be your only option left.







I wouldn't even be all that gentle with the headband bending; you want the headband to exert just enough force to keep them from falling off, no more. Also, bowls are more comfortable (don't pin your ears back as much, more of the pressure distributed to your face rather than your ears) and sound better (less upper-mid emphasis, better imaging) worn pretty far forward, so that the back edges of your ears are left uncovered.

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Originally Posted by EddieE View Post

Jumbo pads only work with distancers if you are using them with Grados not specifically designed for them, and get better with several other mods applied (driver vented, pads lined etc).


If I'm not using those mods, either quartermodded comfies or TTVJ flats are my weapons of choice. Cannot stand bowls.

I dont know if that's true. I bought some jumbo's to pair with my HF2 and they didnt work well together. They seemed like they sucked out the mids and recessed the highs. They work great on my modded SR60 though. Doesnt effect the mids at all from what I can tell, it does however tame the highs a bit. The overall energy is much different with the jumbo's than the comfies or bowls. The modded 60's with the jumbo's provide a very laid back presentation, that is much more spacious than before. Not sure why they work so well, could be the silver cable or it could be the larger air chamber the woodies provide. Not sure but they pair well together.

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Originally Posted by Kevin Brown View Post

A&H: you just made me realize that I'll need to do another "pad test" when I get my Bilavideo mod'ed SR125i's back.  smile_phones.gif


Comfies, bowls, jumbos, flats, and the 414 pads.

haha...yeah...I absolutely love the jumbos on my modded Grados. I liked them prior to modding as well. Perhaps the 325's just respond better to them than the lower Grados. The jumbos did recess the mids a bit but I think they came back after the mods. The jumbos are on 99% of the time.

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It would appear that I had some incredibly lucky timing. TTVJ sent me a message when I ordered that they had been waiting on a new shipment for months but had one coming in 7-10 days, yet they came in and shipped out 2 days after that message. Score.

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Got my comfies on. Good gracious, these are never leaving these headphones.


Edit: Quarter cut them for the best of both worlds. 100% perfect now.

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