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Denon D2000 pleather pad center cloth?

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Has anyone tried removing the center cloth of a Denon D2/5/7k stock pleather pad? I'm using them on my woodied T50RP and I think the cloth is causing a recession of the mids, particularly in the  vocal range. This might also be responsible for the mid recession we see on the Denons, as I've found that pads can have a very large effect on what the general sound of a headphone is (see: Sony XB700, AKG K701, Denon D2000).


I don't think the cloth is sound-transparent, as when I try to "speak through the cloth", it doesn't sound normal. Ideally I'd like to replace it with some sound-transparent speaker cloth, but I don't have any on-hand and I don't want to destroy the Denon pads if I don't have to. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried this and verified my hypothesis about the recessed mids.


Here's a pic to show what cloth I'm talking about.




I'm considering asking Jmoney audio to see if they can make a customized Denon pad that either doesn't have the center  cloth or has a more transparent acoustic cloth, but that's money I would rather put towards O2 pads...

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bump? anyone?

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hah just wondering this myself. I have modded the sh*t out of my D2000's and just put on beyerdynamic gel pads without the foam filter center thing-a-ma-jig but I suspect the difference is from the pads themselves.

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My 0.02 is that it serves the same purpose as the grill cloth you'd find on any consumer speakers: protection, shielding, etc...if anything it dampens the sound.

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