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Wanted: Little Dot MK lll Tubes

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Little Dot MK lll Tubes

Anyone who have any Telefunken CV131, EF92 Amperex Bugle Boys, 6Zh1P-EV, 5654 Sylvania Gold Brands or some nice sounding Tung Sol tubes for the LD MKlll that they can think of selling? If you have other tubes then the ones mentioned let me know and i take it into consideration.



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For Sale: €680 (EURO)
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I have the following for sale



Rca 6ak5
Russian Groove
Sylvania 6ak5wb
Mullard M8100 cv 4010
GE 5654 FAA
National Union JNU 6ak5  Dec 1944
Tektronix 6ak5 (Toshiba)
Raytheon JRP 6ak5 1944
Tung Sol JTL 6ak5w
GE 5Star 5654
Amperex 6ak5
AEG 6ak5 (telefunken)
and some rare  Amperex Bugle Boy ef92, Telefunken 6am6 along with some amperex ef92 and ef91  
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I'm sorry to say Trapper havent answered any PM's so if anyone have some tubes it would be great.


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