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Need suggestions for my headphone.

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Well i'm confused,


I've been looking at a Sony mdr-xb500 and been looking to get it, the others are an AKG-k512 and a Denon AH-D310 or a SteelSeries Siberia(not the v2)


Or any other headphones you have in mind, i'm inclined towards the xb-500 as i'v

e read some glaring praises here thrown towards it, plus i love bass :D


And how are the Sony MDR-zx300/n because they are officially available here and OH! i tried the skullcandy Hesh, while they were nice, they weren't great imo.


Mostly listen to all genres, but am inclined towards instumentals, metal,symphonic rock and folk metal.


Thanks for looking :)


edit: Well the budget's now increased and it can be a max of 100$ or a bit more for something truly special.


So, i'm getting the hd555 here for about a bit more than 100 and hd 280 pro for about a bit less than 100 and the denon ah-d1100 for about 130-140 and an audio technica m50s for about 146.


The denon won't have warranty here(unless it is covered by an internation warranty), and so i would also want to know that how prone are these to faults, i mean should i risk buying one without a warranty ?

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hmm. HD555? 85 

or Grado SR60i.  75ish

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Originally Posted by ssavage View Post

hmm. HD555? 85 

or Grado SR60i.  75ish

Thank you for the reply, but the OP has been updated big time, please check again

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I see. 

I've heard for rock Grado is best.

Grado SR80i - $100

M50s -120ish good bass and mids

XB500s look like they'd cover someones face entirely

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actually the prices are what's teh official prices here in my country or what it'll cost me totally to import them.


Of my stay here, i've not heard much about the grado's , they're here for about ~180 $ and importing them will cost about 110 or 120


Any opinion for the d1100 ? or the 280.


Since i prefer bass, what would you recomened me out of your grado or the denon or the m50 or the senn ?


Also the Audio Technica ATH AD-700 will cost me the same as the denon

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I think the Siberia is mostly tailored towards gaming whatever that means. Most of the reviews I read said to steer clear of them for music.


Try the Prodipe Pro800's - clear, neutral, detailed with extended highs and plenty of non-boomy bass that never buts heads with the mids. They come with velour and leatherette pads. $40 in the US. They are made in Europe but I don't know the asking price over there. Really good phone price be damned.

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Thank you everyone for the replies :)


All said and done, i've settled for a Sony xb-500 afterall.


Thank you for looking :)

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