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Crazy deal on AKG Q701 @ $255

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I think this deal deserves a new thread.

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It really sucks that we never get those deals in Canada!

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It is difficult for me to know what is a good deal in US prices. I bought my AKG K 702s for a bit more than that in UK so I guess it is a good deal.


I wonder a bit about the colour :) Maybe that is why they are selling so cheaply?


I think the AKG K 702s I have are truly excellent hi fi equipment. With a good amplifier you will get superb levels of resolution. They are free from the awful "warmth", the bloated bass and other forms of distortion applied to various hi fi components these days.


They are not perfect, this I know, but it is such a joy that really good hi fi is still being made.


If using AKG K 701/2s I recommend a good amplifier, by this I means a transparent amplifier which successfully amplifies the input signal, not one that "warms things up" or applies other "special effects".

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Most people that try k70x series say, they are too flat which is true to the source in my book, so if they dont like it than buy a better source. Truly good headphone and personally don't see anything bad with Q series. Most people dont like akg since it doesn't have 1000 bucks product so they can enjoy its price.

Akg should not deal with new product, they should start making akg k1000 again and let the Harman Kardon do the painting job so as a result we get everybody is happy situation, done deal.

And finally, if I were buying akg I would get the black one
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