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Cheap, durable earbuds

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Just got an iRiver IHP-120 for Christmas, and now I need earbuds for them. I have my AKG 240s for at home and for mixing, so another good pair of cans can wait. I have a pair of $20 Sony earbuds I bought a few years back with my MD player (Sharp MT831), and they're really only better than the earbuds that came with the iRiver. Worse still, the buds themselves are falling apart.

Long intro, but here's what I want:
- Good sound
- Not isolated (I just want to be able to hear people if they try to address me)
- durable/easily transportable
- cheap
- if possible, short cord
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Sennheiser MX500 fits your bill pretty well.
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Can someone asuage my fears? I bought my sony earbuds for $20, and they sound like crap. $15 is really cheap...how can the MX 500s (the model I was thinking about already) sound good?

Although, I guess if they're bad, I can attribute that to the pricetag.
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Lower-end sony earbuds (<$50) usually suck. I used to buy them all the time, thinking they were good. I say "them" because they broke every few weeks. Soundwize, the bass is bloated and the treble is harsh (IMO). When I got the mx300s with my iriver, they sounded so much better (they're like $7 normally). I couldn't go back. BTW do your sony earbuds have volume control? I ask cause those are the ones I usually see for around $20. I've had them also. The senn mx500s have volume control and good sound. Besides, If you don't like them, you're only out a few bucks. Or you could sell them here.

Oh yeah, Sennheiser is considered one of the best headphone/audio electronics companies around.
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Cool. That's what I wanted to hear. Doesn't have volume...I don't really want that, actually...does the MX 500 come without it? Or is that what the MX 400s are?

And I know Sennheiser is a good company. What I try to avoid with Sony is buying things they aren't good at. For instance, I buy Canon digital cameras, not Sonys.
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The mx500 has volume control on the cord, the 400 doesn't. The 500 is said to have slightly better sound quality. Good luck on your choice.
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Sony makes very good earbuds in the high end. The fontpia MDR-888 and the EX71 are both very good earbuds. But they cost about 4X the MX500's, and don't offer *that* much better sound quality.

I've used the MX400s, and while I can't directly compare them to the high end Fontopia's, I like their sound much better than the MDR-838 and MDR-848.
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