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Replacing Shure E2Cs

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Looking to replace my Shure E2C IEMs; they're on their way out as the plastic is fraying and exposing the copper wiring inside - which is starting to split because of that.

I'm by no means an audiophile. I picked them up about 4 years ago because they were on Amazon for a cheap price, (£34 as opposed to £90) and not being able to resist a bargain, I ordered them.


I'm looking for IEMs with a similar quality, I mostly liked the way I could "taste" the mids and highs on them, a lot of other headphones sound "distant" in comparison. (I hope I'm making sense...) However, something with a little more bass (not overwhelming though) would be nice, considering I'm a fan of electronic music.


Unfortunately, I'm a student so my price rage is capped at £60 ($80)maximum.

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I'm looking at some Meelec A151s, will they be as detailed as the Shures?

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you can't go wrong with the M6 ($35)

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The M6s are surprisingly cheap, but what's the detail like compared to say the A151s if anyone knows? I'm considering them, but the low price is kind of worrying.

I have a tendency to overthink things, sorry :P

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