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This is my first time posting and I'd like your help. I'm looking for a new set of IEMs to use at work, primarily because I'm surrounded by some rather chatty people that I don't want to hear.


These will be used with a portable device.
I mostly listen to varieties of metal, including bands like Opeth, Vader, In Flames, Epica, Slipknot, etc. At times I'll toss something odd into the mix, whether it's jazz, blues, electronica, industrial, or classical.
I'm located within the US.
I'm looking to stay in the $50 range - I may be able to swing up to $100 depending on how angry I want to make the wife. :)



I originally had some Sony headphones that I dropped about $20-30 on... they don't seem to have a model number listed and I no longer have the box, but I believe they are MDREX36V. To my ears they seemed to be a little harsh in the upper range. I replaced them with some Klipsch S3 which I believe have decent sound... my issue with them is an iffy fit and tons of microphonics.

At the gym I use some Sennheiser/Addidas CX 680 that I've been pretty happy with, but I admit that I purchased them for their fit and don't normally pay as much attention to their sound while working out as I would when sitting at my desk.


Given this, what would you suggest?