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It looks like a neater version of the JVC Flats.

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ooh these look sharp! i just bought igrados so i'm not really in the market for something like this (even though these might sound better, we'll see)


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These interest me...The red ones are nice. I will wait till Amazon or somehow has em though. 

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Anybody received/bought these headphones yet? Really interested in these but I wish someone would do a full review soon XD

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Yeah it seems I've bought them. When they'll be sent, I couldn't tell ya. :/

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Originally Posted by plainsong View Post

Yeah it seems I've bought them. When they'll be sent, I couldn't tell ya. :/

Cool, by my awesome no evidence based guess, they will arrive in 4 days :) Hope they sound good. biggrin.gif


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be sure to post impressions/a review when you can! we're anxiously awaiting an opinion!

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I just got a call from DPD about a package coming tomorrow. It's probably the Beyers. :) (But it could be something else)

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Originally Posted by plainsong View Post

I just got a call from DPD about a package coming tomorrow. It's probably the Beyers. :) (But it could be something else)

Ohhhh, man... I both hate and love that feeling! :)

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Maybe stupid, but I wonder how they are compared to Koss PortaPro?

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It's not stupid, the portapros are better, if open versus closed is no object. I'm basing that off the 25th ann. ltd. portas, which some say are different. It's been too long from having the old portas to these for me to say though. It's safe to say there's not much difference at any rate.


My start with the dtx300 was rocky tonight. I had the problem reported earlier of fit. The headband is slim in fit and flat on top, and the cups don't have enough swivel in the right directions to make finding a good fit easy. If you have the K81 or some relative of it, these won't make you switch. Good fit means decent sound, and bad fit means a sound beyond horrible. I say the sound is decent in that it sounds like a closed small headphone trying its best to deliver you something nice. The mids are recessed and the bass is there but with no extension, or omph to it. The treble is.. well it's portable headphone treble.


I know it makes them sound like they completely suck, and some might say that, but these are early hours yet. Also it's not that they're bad in and of themselves. No, they try to give some small feeling of space and generally you get the feeling that they're as honest as they know how to be about the sound. That's not bad at all. The problem is that there are some great headphones in this size and price range. The old Kosses are better. The Aiaiai Tracks are loads better, as are the Jays VJays. It's not hard to imagine that the px200 II is also better (not sure, but I don't remember the px200s as being horrible.). The problem with these headphones, other than the px200 of course, is that they're all open. Yes the Tracks are officially closed, but they're really open. The dtx300 is closed. Very closed. They even give some isolation when the music is playing. That's more than any of the other headphones mentioned right there, and they're the same size.


I was about to sigh and put these into the Drawer of Headphones Past, but I noticed that some of ukulele tracks sounded really good. Yes, I play uke. This gave me an idea. I unplugged from the iPhone and plugged the headphones into the headphone out of my Eleuke (solidbody nylon string electric uke with its own headphone out). The Eleuke has pretty good electronics but a poor headphone out. Something like portapros are way too power hungry for it. Also if you're trying to get in some practice time, they won't isolate for you at all of course. So I plugged the new Beyers in and what do ya know! They make this crappy headphone out deliver some nice sounds! My husband was talking, the tv was on, and at a low volume I could just concentrate on my playing, and the tone was pleasant. Heh, go figure.


So if you have an Eleuke, then get these, they're handy. Great synergy! Seriously good. If not, the search for the elusive small closed headphone continues...


Testing done with an iPhone 4 jailbroken to remove the EU volume limiter that's still there even though you turned it off in the settings, with lossless files, on shuffle to play a variety of stuff from folk to reggae to hip hop to rock to techno.. and an concert scale jazz Eleuke.

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Limited Promotion - 10% off


Have seen on the beyer website that they have a 10% limited promotion till April 30th:





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That would be sad if a cheaper headphone from the 80's beat this phone.  


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I have just got hold of mine today. I got the red-black version and it looks stunning (I like the deep crimson hue a lot)


I'm one of those lucky ones who find the fit not a problem at all - tho I can see why some ppl would struggle with them. Yes the earcups lack real swivel, and that matters when the enclosure is small and the direction of sound projection is important. However, after less than one minute of trying, I got the perfect fit.


The cans are smaller in real life than in the pictures. I dun have my PX200II with me now but I think the earcups of DTX300 are a bit smaller. The cable is nothing to write about, and yes there's no visible strain relief, for a reason (I guess - see below)


Once fitted, the sound is, well, IN-CRE-DI-BLE. Enough emphasis, no?


It is not about extension - I love trebles and the DTX300's treble does roll off, but in a nice way that isn't disturbing at all. The bass is very good quality-wise, not the deepest which is understandable considering its size, but very detailed and reasonably impactful. What really excels, and what really makes it sound incredible, is everything else. The quality all across the spectrum is spectecular, nothing is recessed or brought forward, details are abundant (almost iem level of details). I heard many details that I dun often heard in other cans, most notably the T50P. Every single instrument I heard so far sounds almost identical to the real thing itself, and layering is so good that busy orchestral passages sound absolutely convincing and concert-hall like. The presentation is generally airy, and if you're after a very focused and hard-hitting sound these may not be for you.


The folding mechanism is smart and when folded it is REAL flat - I can put it in my suit jacket pocket with ease. And the reason for the omission of any visible strain relief, I GUESS by observation, is that it would hinder the folding mechanism. You'd understand what I'm talking about when you see the cans folded yourself.


Frankly speaking I expect this to be another Chinese OEM products (no discrimination here - some of these OEM products bring shame to the big names in the industry) but no it isn't. It is a quality product at an insanely low price. I listen to classical music the most, pop and jazz follows, and for these genres I'd pick the DTX300 over the T50P (which I still have with me) anyday for details, balance and soundstaging. I suspect the T50P would do better for rock or metal, though I haven't tried.


And, to those who cares, they're made in China. Hence the price I believe.

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i'm soldbeyersmile.png I really want this cans,  . I just wonder. How good do they block out external sound?

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