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My iBasso amp was made in China, so far it's held up extremely well and sounds great.

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I just got a pair of cans, but I'm looking for something closed. I'll wait for reviews for these. If they sound great while being comfortable, and blocking out some of the outside sound, then I'll definitely give these a consider. You can't beat that price.

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Originally Posted by tvrboy View Post

Ugh, another "is it made in china" question... just go back 20-30 years and people like this were saying everything made in Japan was plastic toys and inferior copies of western electronics. Listen, just cause some Chinese factories cut corners doesn't mean everything made here is crap!! Chinese workers are capable of producing high quality goods in any industry. Wait another 20 years and see what you have to say about China then...


About the headphones, if they can't make a $350 portable sound good, I doubt this one will be some kind of miracle...


Clearly, this post is taking it a bit too far, perhaps a bit too personally. 

Thus far, I've not read any "Is it made in China" inquiries on this thread which dissed the quality of Chinese made merchandise; or even implied that merchandise made in China is substandard.  Each poster has his/her own reason for inquiring about a product's origin.  It is presumptuous, in my opinion, to post in defense of the quality of Chinese goods when, clearly, the quality of the merchandise isn't being outwardly attacked. 

I am currently awaiting delivery of a NFB-2 from Audio GD (Chinese Company - Chinese made DAC).  I have no doubt, especially after doing the research, that this DAC will be anything less than high quality.
But, I digress....

For my personal Beyerdynamic collection, I'm only interested in Beyers which are actually manufactured in Germany (German Company - German Made Headphones).

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Originally Posted by nam8macs View Post

My iBasso amp was made in China, so far it's held up extremely well and sounds great.

can't disagree there, ibasso makes really nice amps

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Originally Posted by NuckinFutz View Post

For god sake, look on the back of most products and you will see a 'made in China' sticker. 


What a lot of people don't realise is companies get away with putting a 'made in US or UK etc' label for just packing the unit and supplying the instruction and warrenty - most if not all the parts can still be made in China.

+1 to this and all other comments of a similar sentiment. 



Anyone here have issues with stuff made in China? Are you using an iPhone? It's made in China.

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back on topic, has anyone preorderd or already bought one of these? If so, impresions? They look really promising :)

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I can't seem to find them anywhere, but I do keep looking.

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is it here yet?

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By the way. It appears that there will also be a black/gray version:



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Well, did I order them or not? I'm not sure. The first time I tried, I got all the way to filling the billing address details when it emptied the cart. So I tried again, and this time I got to the payment system, entered my details, then there was a final confirmation window where you type your email address to get payment confirmation. I was typing that when the page redirected back to the still-full shopping cart. I got a confirmation of an order, but not of my payment, so who knows. Not the best system they've got there. I'm using that browser no one uses, called Firefox.

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This little headphones gives the K518 from AKG a run for it's money when it comes down to the potential sound quality. Overall balanced sound with a slightly accentuated bass, nothing sticks out or is overly recessed.


Unfortunately the construction of the headband and the missing vertical tilting function for the cups leave me with no seal, the lower part of the pads leave a gap between them and my ears. So I have to seal it by applying force with my hands, bending the cups towards my ears careful not to apply more pressure then the headband does. Then it sounds really good.

The isolation is better then I expected, though far from being great.


The build quality is typical for beyerdynamic, nothing to complain about. I am just worried that these small joints could prove problematic is the future.

The folding mechanism is working flawlessly, the headphone can easily stowed away in the provided soft bag when folded.

A nice touch is that the headband hinges lock in place when opened up pretty firmly.


Overall I think it is well worth it's money - if it fits your head.



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they put me in mind of the nasty Son MDR710 headphones

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Originally Posted by captian73 View Post

they put me in mind of the nasty Son MDR710 headphones

I like how nowadays on head-fi, now that it's treated more as a resource and less as a community, people can get away with saying stuff like this, and no one will question if the poster has actually heard either headphone.

M00hk00h, thanks for your impressions though! It sounds like a t50p problem - great if it fits. Something at Beyer isn't what it was when it comes to these things anymore. IF I ordered them, then I hope they fit.


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Nice design and good price

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