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Fidelia - OS X Premium Music Player |OT|

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I saw this app mentioned in a thread or two around the 'net and decided it's high past time for Head-Fi to be represented in the form of a thread.  I've been experimenting with it for a couple of days and I absolutely love it.







From their website:


Fidelia is an elegant and powerful music player created exclusively for Mac OS X.


True Listening

Anyone with a passion for music knows the value of high-quality hardware, whether it's a perfectly calibrated power amp or world-class pair of speakers. If you use a Mac to build, organize and enjoy your music library, shouldn't your software live up to the same high standards? Fidelia lets discerning OS X users truly optimize their home listening experience, preserving maximum sonic fidelity across multiple file formats and delivering uncluttered utility with a timelessly elegant user interface. Powered by Audiofile Engineering's unique Fidelia Audio System, it gives you the tools and the freedom to savor the sounds that you love, all the way from your hard drive to your eardrums.


It's Not a Store, It's a Library

You know what you like to listen to. You're not looking for computer-generated recommendations, randomized shuffles, proprietary ads or social networks to validate your taste. Fidelia keeps it simple: Organize and enjoy your music library at superior levels of sonic quality.


Elegant Design

Fidelia's distinctive user interface offers the kind of sleek, intuitive controls that contemporary Mac users demand while paying tribute to the premium stereo amplifiers of decades past. A classically styled volume dial is buffered by single-click Mute and Dim functions.


Individual track details, stereo levels and audio waveforms are displayed in crisp, eye-pleasing fashion with no superfluous trimmings. Four discreet sizing options allow you to lovingly ogle Fidelia in a full-screen format or tuck it snugly into the corner of your desktop and leave the fun to your ears.



Customized Listening

Multiple Formats, Maximum Control Heavily compressed audio files aren't for everybody. That's why Fidelia gives discriminating listeners robust control over how their songs are captured and stored. Tracks can be imported in AIFF, WAV, CAF, AAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC formats. You can also convert existing files to any of the above.


On-board Effects

Customize your listening experience by adding up to three audio effects at playback. Convenient drop-down menus allow you to choose from available Audio Unit and VST effects, including native Apple AU-based equalizers, compressors, filters, reverb and more.


Sync with iTunes Library

Enjoy seamless and continuously updated access to your iTunes library, including user-generated playlists. If and whenever you like, decide for yourself which portions of your iTunes collection to reformat or reorganize in Fidelia.


Create Playlists

Craft your own personalized playlists in seconds. Simple click-and-drag controls allow you to draw from your complete Fidelia library to build lists of any size or style, mixing and matching file formats at will.



Powered by iZotope™

No need to reinvent the wheel here. Rather than spend a lot of time and money developing our own sample rate conversion and wordlength reduction technologies and passing those costs on to you, we decided to source the best DSP available — iZotope. No matter what type of sounds are in play, Fidelia incorporates iZotope's industry-best sample rate conversion to achieve optimum sonic fidelity. Discerning listeners can also select real-time audio dithering via iZotope's MBIT+™ technology.


iZotope 64-bit SRC™

The iZotope 64-bit SRC utilizes a hyrbrid algorithm providing the highest quality and most customizable resampling available on the market today. iZotope 64-bit SRC features a hybrid ringing control enabling a compromise between the standard pre-ringing of a linear phase filter and the post-ringing of a minimum phase filter. A continuous control morphs the algorithm from a linear phase filter to a minimum phase filter. The key step of sample rate conversion is the quality of the low-pass filter design. The crucial aspects include a flat pass-band, steep transition-band, high suppression in the stop-band, and minimal ringing. The careful attention of iZotope's SRC protects against the loss of data, aliasing, noise, and unwanted ringing artifacts that plague other implementations. Key features include the world's first continuous control over pre-ringing and post-ringing, alias-free operation for minimal harmonic distortion, Control filter cutoff steepness versus ringing, 64-bit double precision internal processing for minimal noise, highly efficiency for realtime operation, variable cutoff scaling, upsampling and downsampling at arbitrary sample precision and bit depth, and unlimited sample rate support (including 44.1kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz, and higher).


iZotope MBIT+™ Dither

iZotope's MBIT+ dithering algorithm features psychoacoustic noise shaping based on research with actual musical material, making it the best sounding dither on the market. As our perception of the end result is the most important metric of quality, iZotope has built all of their models using real music — not test tones, hisses, hums, bleeps, and buzzes. The result is the most musical and sonically pleasing dither available. Key features include control of noise shaping amount, autoblanking to disable dither during digital silence, control overall amount of dither introduced, specific models for 44.1kHz/96kHz/192kHz, psychoacoustic models based on extensive musical listening, and low-latency/processor-efficient operation designed for high performance, realtime environments. Learn more by downloading their excellent dithering guide.


Technical Specs - http://www.audiofile-engineering.com/fidelia/techspecs.php




They also have an iPhone App.  I haven't bought it yet but I probably will.




My quick impressions:


1.) It definitely sounds better than iTunes.  Richer, fuller, cleaner.  


2.) Dither - The MBIT+ Dither technology built in is excellent.  


3.) Device Sample Rate - It has the ability to match the sample rate of the song you're listening to.  A feature I appreciated out of Amarra (an app which I got tired of; too many bugs and crashes). I did confirm it in the Audio Midi Setup menu.


4.) Support for up to 3 plug-ins.  This allows you to utilize any VST plugins you may have.  For me, it means superior EQ control and the ability to use any of the effects I have from ProTools and similar apps.


5.) Simple and effective library control that also utilizes your iTunes playlists.


6.) Minimal crashing.  It hasn't crashed on me yet.  Probably my favorite feature after wrestling with Amarra.


So yea, those are my thoughts in brief.  It's pretty to look at, comes with great features and has plug-in support that will allow you to do your thing.  Whether it's better than the competition is a matter of taste, I'd think...but for darn near its stability alone I don't expect to boot Amarra up ever again now.  lol.  It's solid.

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I downloaded the 15 day trial and I am incredibly impressed - it is by a large margin my favorite audiophile player on the mac now. I've used Decibel (formerly Ayrewave), Audirvana, and the free trials of Amarra and Pure Music, and I was never really happy with any of them. Recordings are clearer and more detailed with Fidelia, I am hearing details that I have not heard with any of the other players on the exact same setup. And the overall sound quality in my opinion trumps Audirvana which previously was my go to player. I am definitely going to buy this program as soon as it is available for purchase.

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It defiantly is cleaner and more crisp with better instrument definition than Itunes. It has a chance to be good if they implement some of the things in there roadmap like hog mode, smart playlist, and album cover art.

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Looks promising.  I'd like to try it.  But I downloaded it and it won't run.  My computer meets the stated minimum requirements (G5, Leopard).  But the available version that downloads is apparently an Intel processor only version. 

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This is an upcoming program which may toss the others on their ear.  It still needs some completion though - Hog mode etc, but it really sounds great already.

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Does anyone have any idea how much it will cost when it is released?

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I couldn't find a price, and you can't buy it from their store. That being said, it sounds to me much like Amarra.  I experimented a bit with upsampling and didn't like the results as much as I did with Pure Music, but it could be a gear-thing. I need to test more.

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The library indexing needs some work for sure.  I like to use my iTunes library under the index "Date Added" and then use Amarra.  This way I can get to the newest additions to my library. Can't do that yet with fidelia.   I might find it useful though for reviewing loops for my own personal compositions I make in Garageband and Logic using the addition of an AU effect upon a loop and then saving the new sound, something I currently do in the application "AudioFinder".

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I have compared Fidelia against the other 2 FREE players, Decibel and Audirvana, it comes up trumps in terms of sound reproduction. Audirvana comes close to second. 


My 15 days of free trials of Pure Music player has expired hence I cannot evaluate Fidelia against it. I have J. River on Windows 7 platform and both sounded very good but the Fidelia 

has an edge because it seems to give better bass response and more musical. I personally will not pay more than $50 for this software, it still lacks many  features which come as standard from J. Rivers.


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As consequence to Amos's post digital music players (now featured in the home page) I have now tried Audirvana, Decibel, Amarra, Fidelia and Pure Music. The ones I liked more were Decibel and Fidelia. I hope the price for Fidelia is not as astronomical as Amarra's. 


iTunes will only serve me as an organizer from now on.

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Pics using Decibel and Fidelia.











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Wow, this is fantastic. When will it be out if it only has a 15 day trial? hm.

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For the moment I'm staying with Amarra.  At least you can access the iTunes directly from iTunes the way you want the songs organized.  Decibel and Fidelia are useless in that manner.  Maybe Fidelia will figure it it by the time they have a commercial release ready but Decibel's ability to access iTunes library is ridiculous. 

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So far, the 15-day trial seems not to expire. There was an update earlier this week, and that may be how they plan to deal with the issue.


IIRC, there was a brief period when the license was available to purchase, but as of today, that is not the case. There is a lively discussion of Fidelia's merits and demerits over on Computer Audiophile, where there has been substantial comparison between it, Amarra, and Pure Music. I already have a license for PM, but I much prefer Fidelia overall, and it will be a hands down for me if they give us some GUI options and a hog mode.

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Originally Posted by WarriorAnt View Post

For the moment I'm staying with Amarra.  At least you can access the iTunes directly from iTunes the way you want the songs organized.  Decibel and Fidelia are useless in that manner.  Maybe Fidelia will figure it it by the time they have a commercial release ready but Decibel's ability to access iTunes library is ridiculous. 

WarriorAnt, unless I am misunderstanding you, this is not exactly correct. With Fidelia, I am able to access my iTunes playlists just as I have organized them. Granted, if I make changes in iTunes, then Fidelia currently requires a restart to grab the changes. But all my playlists are in Fidelia.

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