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I've been doing quite a bit of homework and since I'm not at all an audiophile (I think my Skullcandy Smokin' Buds sound great for $30; I feel so ashamed at what I paid for them) I'm having some difficulty making a decision.


I am trying to move to some nice, reasonably portable, and affordable closed-ear headphones (I listen a lot on the train or at night when I don't want to wake others). What I'm looking to do is spend around $100 (preferably $75) on headphones that are comfortable, sound great, and don't need an amp.


The two devices I'm planning on using them with are a Nokia E63 (a pretty regular $150 smartphone) and my laptop (Realtek ALC889 soundcard), neither of these are audiophile quality.


The current headphones I'm looking at are Sennheiser PX 200-II (truly portable but small cans), HD448, Numark PHX PRO, and Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (some reviews say they're absolutely terrible without an amp and others say they're fine but lack bass).


So basically out of these headphones what do you <gender-neutral-pronoun>s suggest? I listen to a lot of music but it mostly encompasses most every rock genre, hip hop, and electronic music and it's nearly all mp3s between 192-320kbps CBR and V2/0 VBR.


I live in the NYC area so if there's anyone has ideas on good places to go sample these headphones that would be great (the only place near me is a Sam Ash with very limited selection and they're overpriced).


Side-note: Even though I have seen many people quoting the ATH-M50s at being $100 street-price I haven't seen a single place where they were less than $115 and often had additional shipping charges.