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New Turbine Pearl...

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Turbine Pearl


What do you guys think?

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I saw those at the CES and they looked nice. Didn't get a chance to hear them but it appears that they are just the Turbines. So they should sound great.

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Looks like the cable has better reinforcements at the phones, but not sure if the cable has been improved on over the original Turbines. If there is the thicker cable, like the Pros, than I think maybe Monster is getting it right - still needs detatchable cable though IMO. The pearl color looks pretty cool.

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Those look nice.. They're just the original turbines with a facelift and a better cable/reinforcement?  Or are they like the gold/copper's?

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According to the site they'll retail for $229. I hope they have improved SQ vs regular Turbines if they're going to retail for $50.00 more.

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I asked Monster on Twitter about these...



So it looks like a $229 version of the normal Turbines...

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Originally Posted by Dr-Atrocious View Post

I asked Monster on Twitter about these...


So it looks like a $229 version of the normal Turbines...

I saw them in Best Buy the other day. They do look nice in person (better than in the above picture IMHO), but not $100 nicer than what Amazon is currently selling the regular Turbines for.


FWIW: I got my Turbines in the mail on Monday. Great soudning IEM. I think I've found my new favorite headphones. Hopefully for a looong time (because I've spend waaay too much lately on this stuff.) 

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Looks nice.

Would be a good buy if you're all into apple white i guess

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