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Marshall Major headphones mini-review

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Well I tried them at 32Ohm audio to day...and I gotta say for $99 they are well worth it. Nice small they even fold SMALLER! They had a Nice neutral sound, a hump in the bass a bit but it docent go very low, they were very clear as well  as well as being built very well. I only listened to them for a few minuets before passing them along but I gotta say I was very impressed.



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This is very interesting...

I saw them way back when before Christmas and there wasn't enough information out on it so I didn't pull the trigger...

I guess now its starting to gain momentum

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yea man, Someone said they were a repackages Ubranear but they didnt sound like it at try them for your self.

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I was at 32ohms this weekend and listened to them as well...I was impressed.  Small, and they have the retro cool thing going on.  Sound was good, not great.  Punchy bass, a little muddy but not too bad.  I just listened for a few minutes before going back to the iem's :)

$99 might be a tough price point though.

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Yea, some one was saying they were an UrbanEars repackage....but they really didnt sound like it.

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The Minors are UrbanEars rebrands but the Majors are legitimately Marshall.

I think it's the UrbanEarz misconception that's stopping purchases...

along with the lack of review samples...

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yea, they have been out a while, I think i may get a pair for me and my mom for her birth day....but she was really diggin the DT880's and 770's hahaha.

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I love the look of these headphones. 


I don't really NEED them, but I'd like to buy them for the look.  


I got to listen to them briefly once, but I can't make a final judgement.


They really do look nice, especially in person though and I while I don't remember them sounding extraordinary (bad source, unamped), I don't recall them sounding horrible either.

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I too like these, used right out of the phone or iPod sans amp.  Just picked them up.  The forward full 'mid-bassey' sound was appealing and differs from most all the other headphones I have.  But upon learning it has a mic and that that mic can control my Droid 3 to make calls and/or use voice commands was the deciding factor; and that's working quite well.  As great with Rock as you'd expect, but I think it's even better with Dance music.


Do I wish I didn't pay retail, yes.  But then again, I figured I didn't have to wait and didn't have to pay shipping.  So I splurged.


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I tested it with the XM5 with my iPod . It sounded good !
I could hardly my music on HD25 DJ with XM5 on
full blast.
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