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Best flanges for M6

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Hello everyone!

I was wondering if there are any flanges out there that fit the M6 but have a better seal than the stock tips. I find it very hard to get a good fit with the ones that came with it. Foam tips would be OK but they have to be replaced semi-frequently which would probably never happen. I imagine it would also get rather gross for someone else listening to music through them. Like most others, I currently get the 'best' fit with the bi- and large tri-flange tips, although it takes quite some time and adjustment to achieve.


Any suggestions?


Thank you!

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Okay, I am going to try and compile a list of tips that we know fit the M6. Here goes, in no particular order:


Sony 'Hybrid' EP-EX10A

Shure E2 Black/Clear Silicone

Monster Tri-Flange

MeElec Modded Stock Tri-Flange -- Cut off third flange


Shure E2C Orange foam

Comply Stock TF10/UE700 (foam?)

Comply T200 (foam?)

Shure Olives -- Don't work very well

VSonic (foam?) --Hard to find


Does anyone have any experiences to share with these? The general consensus seems to be that the Sony Hybrids provide a good fit but they are not bi or tri-flanged. It seems like most of the above are better choices than the stock tips.


Maybe I am over-researching this.

Regardless, thanks!

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My favorite are the Sony Hybrids--but then that is the only one from the above list I have tried so . . . Actually I have tried the modded stock tri-flanges. Maybe I did not do a very good job when I cut off the ends, but they did not turn out very comfortable. The ends just feel rough in my ears even though they feel smooth enough to my fingers. Oh, and come to think of it I did try the pair of Comply tips that came with my TF10. I did not care for it--but then I never did care for foam tips so that is not really saying much. Anyway, from my limited selection of tips I prefer the Hybrids. For what it's worth I have also have the fake Hybrids you can get cheap off eBay and while not as comfortable as true EP-EX10A, I still like them better than the stock tips.

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Yes, everyone seems to go for the Sony hybrids. I will try some when I get a chance.  The thing is single-flanged tips fit in my ears rather poorly. Maybe it is just because the ones I have now are of such low quality.

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The only thing that I can suggest are the Monster Supertips, but as stated above you are not looking for single flange. I have also tried the cut triple flange, but I am unable to get a proper seal with anything other than the single flange. Seems we are in opposite boats my friend. Speaking completely speculatively, why not try to take a couple pairs of hybrids or Monster tips and make your own double flange, using a small, or extra small, and the medium, or large pair and fusing them together. Not sure how you would go about it or if the result would have a negative effect on the sound. Maybe I will try something of this sort, as I have some extra pairs lying around. I will post back with my findings.

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