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Audio Technica ATH-M30 vs ATH-M50?

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Anyone had a chance to compare the audio technica ATH-M30 vs ATH-M50?


Are the M50's REALLY worth 2.5X the price??


I can get the M30's for$80, but the M50's will set me back $190+tax...


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Whoever is trying to sell you the m50 for $190 is ridiculous, you can get them for 110-150 fairly easily.


Also the general consensus is yes.

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The M50's can be found on ebay for $90 most days.


this online retailer has them for $113:




if you have a guitar center near you, they will price match online stores.


GET THE M50's! they are sweet

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The following link should provide you with some insight-http://www.headfonia.com/ath-m-50s-little-brother-the-m-30/

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I have never listened to the ATH-M30's but I can tell you that the ATH-M50's are well worth the price. They are much much better than beats and Bose. They have outstanding comfort, design, and do not cause soupy ears. The base is good but not great. It doesn't overpower the rest of the sound. These headphones deliver crisp clear highs and lows and are without a doubt worth the money. Go to amazon for a pair of them. I hope that I could have been helpful!

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If i were in your situation, look another place to buy the M50's for around $100. 

(The m30's have slightly improved mids over the M50 but inferior in most aspects)

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M50's are great for the price, like everyone else is saying hit up ebay or amazon, they can be had around $100.

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M50's have an extremely generous price to performance ratio, even for audio technica, I would definitely recommend getting them as they are worth every penny you pay.  Great set of cans to take to work or school or w/e and the street price of the m50s is around 115 dollars if you get them online.


At the time of this post, ebay has new ones for around 120 USD and amazon has them for about 110 USD

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I see this is an old thread, but here is my review & comparison. http://www.head-fi.org/t/652324/audio-technica-ath-m35-review


Basically, I'd consider the M30/35 amazing for the price, and I only really notice a big difference with the M50 when I'm listening to classical and some extremely well recorded jazz.

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i wouldnt pay more than 130 (tax, shipping) for m50s. theyre 110-115 on amazon.

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