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I only noticed this mentioned next to his avatar, but, curiously, it doesn't seem to have been posted in our thread, here, so I'll take a chance on adding it:


Originally Posted by matt8268 View Post
Originally Posted by raypin View Post

mmm......it is not a usd10K system. More like 7k. Here's why: Initial capital outlay: 10K. Assuming: you use the system for 5 years, and then resell the rig for 3K after five years (to account for equipment depreciation), the cost of ownership is actually 7K total. 7k divided by 5 = 1,400 per year or usd3.83 per day for five years, about the cost of a happy meal at Mcdonald's.plus some chewing gums or an HD rental from iTunes. I think I can do without a Happy meal for 5 years. The experience: PRICELESS.


Find me one Head-Fier who has used the same system for 5 years without spending more money. That being said, $10k is only $5k per ear. :atsmile:

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I heard this is told in China:


"What do you call someone who speaks two languages?"


Answer:   Bilingual.


"What do you call someone who speaks three languages?


Answer:   Trilingual.


"Yeah, but what do you call someone who only speaks one language?"



Answer:   An American. 






I told my kids this when they complained about Latin in school, as well as their choice between French and Spanish.  

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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Originally Posted by skyline889 View Post

I know this has been done before but what is your dream, dream, rig? As in a no cost, balls to the walls, speaker or headphone rig. I think I could stand to live with a modest one like this:

Esoteric P-01 -> Esoteric G-0s -> Esoteric D-01 (2) -> Boulder 2010 -> Chord SPM-14000 (2) -> Avalon Acoustics Sentinel

-> ->
-> -> ->


Why limit it to audio gear? If I had the cash, I'd keep a string quartet and a jazz combo around the house. Seriously. I'd work out something with local university music students to rotate in and out every night as a paying gig. Nothing beats the real thing.
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From the Liquid Carbon thread:



Originally Posted by Hansotek View Post
Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post

Funny how that happens...think they breed when we're not looking...


I put my HD800 and HE-6 in a room, lit a candle, and tossed on some Barry White. In nine months, I'll either have an Abyss or the most sibilant, amp-picky headphone of all time. 


Fingers crossed.

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.... Last night I was only 5 numbers plus the mega number away from winning $280 million, SO CLOSE. :(

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Originally Posted by Slaphead View Post
Originally Posted by Rowethren View Post

Just reporting back, after 2 days of commuting to London with my Mojo in the new official case it has not shutdown once. The external of the case gets slightly warm but nothing to worry about. Not bad considering it has been around 24 degrees in London (not that hot for a lot of you guys but in the UK that is pretty warm).

A couple more days of that and you'll be getting a hosepipe ban over there in the UK biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Pastapipo View Post
Originally Posted by 1clearhead View Post

  Frequency range: 4-45000Hz


I'll let my dog write the review on these then.

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Originally Posted by Dillan View Post
Originally Posted by Soalman View Post

Hi, I recently purchased the Fiio X7 and so far have not had any major issues with it ( other than the unusually short battery life )

but, from time to time when I stop the current song im listening to, there is another song file playing in the background. it does affect the sound quality of the original song I'm listening to because the song seems a bit muted and comes to life and louder when I stop the song in the background playing and restart the other ? any help would greatly be appreciated. Also on a side note I do have the most current firmware package updated. 



Is your device haunted!?



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The poster was being serious, but, as a long-time head-fier, I found this hilarious:


Originally Posted by nanaholic View Post

I visit Japan quite regularly, so I just plan the purchase around my travel plans. :)


The CIEM is 300,000yen ex tax. overall it's actually around the same price as the Shure KSE1500 and cheaper than say an AK380, but this is a no-compromise customized experience that's priceless and I'd even consider it a bargain to be honest because you aren't messing around with tweaking or mods or looking for "synergy" in equipment pairing or that final 1% tweaking in different cables and interconnects - it's THE deal; it puts a complete stop in the quest to look for better sound, so in the long run it probably even saved you money (until your taste in sound changes completely). As one Japanese blogger put it bluntly in his review - if you purchased the MH1 and found that the sound isn't right for you, you're an idiot. 

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Originally Posted by Signal2Noise View Post
Originally Posted by all999 View Post

Any price speculations?

You are a Head-Fi member...price should be of no concern! :p 


Sad (and slightly funny), but, in the microcosm of Head-Fi, 'true'!

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