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Originally Posted by EISENbricher View Post

No, like this : 

"By hobby, and focused, because the focus, and professional"
- KZ Acoustics xD 
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Originally Posted by zniper2984 View Post


You also get a "professional fever"?? No thank you, I'll pass... :biggrin:

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Originally Posted by fzman View Post
Originally Posted by estreeter View Post


Agree completely, but the dissenting voices will always be the loudest on any forum.  ........

I dont see any easy answers here - either accept the relatively small overhead in terms of your power bill or wait till the R2R goodness trickles down to Gungnir. 


Don't be so sure about that ....  look what happens when we leave Purrin on all the time!   :biggrin: 



Originally Posted by icebear View Post

I somehow stumbled into this thread on a lazy Sunday afternoon and went over the latest 15 pages or so. I haven't been following Shiit and I don't have any intention to look into their products as I am pretty happy with my current set up.


Having said that I wonder why with all the "heated" discussion about warm up times and "leave always on" there has no one mentioned active temperature control ...:confused:. If the parts and circuits need to reach a certain temperature to tune in and sound best, why not help the DAC actively to reach that state ?


That is not rocket science : 



If Shiit isn't integrating something, just get two of these thingies and put them under the DAC ;)

Product Details

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I just stumbled upon this old .jpeg, but I can't recall who originally posted it on head-fi (if anyone knows the post link, just let me know and I'll be glad to credit it accordingly).




EDIT: found it... http://www.head-fi.org/t/649765/hifiman-re-400-and-hm-901-head-fi-tv#post_9139232




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And he's an Audeze fanboy......   :gs1000smile:

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Well, I'm not a HiFiMan cans or earphones customer, nor an Audeze customer, so I have no particular horse in that particular race. I was amused by it purely because of the cleverly chosen frames which depict very well the mock-conversation. It was just amusing for me, without any agenda, and clearly I was not alone, judging by the thumbs-up in the original post.



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Originally Posted by nastynice View Post


With my new headphones, I heard a whole new guitar solo in my favorite song.  


Talking about people "hearing things they've never heard before" in songs.

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This one had me floored..........     :gs1000smile:



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Ha Ha "floored" I get it:)

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