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From the High End Audio Forum


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Hi guys,


have a worn out Nikko NR-315, need to change the knobs n do a rewiring for the receiver, any shops to intro for repairs in Singapore?



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Originally Posted by OK-Guy View Post
Originally Posted by obsidyen View Post

The power switch sucks balls.


how come no-one informed me of this tweak?... I feel cheated, my Hugo power-switch only does the on/off thingy... :mad: 

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from: http://www.head-fi.org/t/728401/new-sony-nwz-a10-series-walkman-micro-sd-card-slot#post_10833203



Originally Posted by gerelmx1986 View Post

Haha mine died when i was running (jogging) and i tripped on a improperly disposed baby diapers and well it was flying and landed in a rock, hitting the right corner, where the Jack is and it turned on breifly but it died son afterwards, all the back was shattered and the touch screen too


Originally Posted by heatofamatch View Post



Now that's a death fit for a flagship! :beerchug: 

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Happy Birthday Currawong....


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^ yessir!


also http://www.head-fi.org/t/723025/philips-fidelio-x2/615#post_10943343

Originally Posted by Sundown View Post

It's weird. But when I hear bass lines that pound fast and short like that, it makes me have to poop. Seriously. Weird... I know.


I have X1's coming in. Am now using HD558's and the mid range is too much. It sounds echoey and hollow at times. HD600 was perfection. Hopefully the Philips sound decent. I'd love more bass. DT990 bass sounds like I have my subwoofer on at times with my receiver. :D


uh oh what happens when he hears a subwoofer :blink:

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Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post

"The K-701 is to real music as Tang is to real oranges." - Uncle Erik


couldnt find the thread but an user reminded me.



Haha, good one, I love it!

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