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a small conversation with Kiteki
[11:58:50 a.m.] Kiteki: I'm making corn now
[11:59:42 a.m.] J·Mc: corn flakes?
[11:59:46 a.m.] J·Mc: corn dogs?
[11:59:51 a.m.] J·Mc: pop corn
[11:59:52 a.m.] Kiteki: no just corn...
[11:59:58 a.m.] Kiteki: in boiling water
[12:00:09 p.m.] Kiteki: with salt
[12:00:17 p.m.] Kiteki: that is what I eat... so I can afford audio
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steamed corn with butter = win

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From Muppetface's signature:


"I'd say details rate pretty high on most head-fier's lists of most important attributes.  Along with soundstage, frequency response, and being a prat."---Radio_Head

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Originally Posted by WarriorAnt View Post

Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

Guys I am pretty sure those online tests are fairly inaccurate.

I didn't take it myself.very_evil_smiley.gif   I don't even let my doctor give me one.  My last checkup he asked me if I wanted to test my hearing I said "What?"  He said Would you like your hearing tested I said "what?"  He said would like your "what?"very_evil_smiley.gif  I grabbed some Viagra instead.



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my personal fav is still "Head-Fi, the only place where you can plug headphones into a laptop, have them not work, and say "thank goodness it's just the laptop"" biggrin.gif

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From the LCD-3 Toilet Paper mod thread:



Originally Posted by Elysian View Post

This thread brings tube rolling to a whole new level.


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Originally Posted by justie View Post

steamed corn with butter = win

indeed, with lots of fresh ground black pepper ......drool

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Out of the many funny conversations I've come across on Head-Fi, I particularly enjoyed this short thread: Best headphones for Sigur Ros + dancing around with?

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Originally Posted by valkolton View Post

Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post

and a goat. that's right, a goat.



Everything is possible to be the GOAT (greatest of all time). Since I am at my factory obsessing on the details of a future product, I decided to have my project manager do some research on this.



How much is a goat, and can we use include one with Crossfade M-80 or a future product



A real GOAT would be about $150, sorry that is too much to include as a promotional or included accessory.  But fortunately, the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is only ONE.  So, therefore, we may be able to include one FOR YOU with the purchase of 12 Crossfade M-80s, if you agree to give up the other gifts.


EDIT - (and pay for HANDLING + shipping, FOB F "freight on board, Farm".


This is an example of our commitment to the customer...



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From the new Shure flagship thread:



Originally Posted by Beagle View Post

Originally Posted by Saintly View Post

By "new flagship," I thought ones like the T1 and HD800s were included.  My mistake.  


They were included. They were initially raved about, then began to suck when the LCD-2 came along, and now the LCD-2 sucks because the LCD-3 has arrived in town. And everything sucks because the Stax 009 exists. For $5000, you can find out if you too agree with a handful of others. If you follow the pattern, the high opinions have gone down but the price has not. So some of the $300-$500 dollar 'phones now sound like they now compete with these failing flagships. And these new Shures will compete with the best for two weeks then gradually become worse than the SRH940, which some hate, so for those folks, gradually become worse than the SRH840. You get the picture.


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^ Wow, that's pretty much the portable forum's spitting image. Good to see there's consistency in Head-Fi.


I think this one is worth quoting too:


Originally Posted by MuppetFace View Post

The majority of the LCD-2 / LCD-3 threads I've seen however devolve into unproductive arguments over production variation, Audez'e conspiracy theories, schill-fueled marriage proposals to inanimate objects, perpetuation and escalation of misinformation (last claim for the LCD-3's supposed burn-in time was 700 hours), FOTM amp and DAC friendship bracelet making, endless opportunities for the 'elect' to call peons out for not having 'good enough' gear, and just a general amalgamation of our hobby's worst tendencies and characteristics all rolled up into a continuously looping, slow motion trainwreck of a thread that's fascinating to watch from a macabre standpoint, but ultimately soul-harming.


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This whole thread cracks me up. Well done, well found. 

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Originally Posted by bmiamihk View Post

I read this about Futuresonics universal earphones with a custom made tip -


... The difference is particularly apparent in the bass range, where the FS sound feels warmer and rolls into your ear as opposed to the crisp and at times almost clinical sound of digital drivers.

Originally Posted by Sinocelt View Post

What's a digital driver? tongue.gif

Originally Posted by bmiamihk View Post

Balaced Armature. balanced armatures will be paired together to form a "sound signature"; because they were intended to be for hearing aids so very few balanced armatures sound good by themselves and will require the addition of other carefully-tuned armatures.

Originally Posted by Sinocelt View Post

I know what he meant. But as a journalist, he should be able to use the proper terminology, even if it means spending a few minutes (gasp!) researching it. Good luck on any neophyte reading his article and then Googling "digital drivers" to find more information....

Originally Posted by bmiamihk View Post

Words are simply a way to communicate and what ever word he or they chose to use and you are able to understand them with your brain then hee succeeded. Looks more you want others to notice you can write really well.

Originally Posted by Sinocelt View Post

I understood what he meant because of previous knowledge (acquired on Head-Fi, BTW). I didn't always know what a BA driver was, and other readers of this article may not either. By your logic, rather than do some research, journalists could invent words for everything; it wouldn't matter, since people who already know what they're talking about would understand anyway.

Originally Posted by bmiamihk View Post

Digital can mean not real but a fake sound comapred to say a record. Thats how I take it as.

Originally Posted by Sinocelt View Post

No, "digital" cannot mean that. If you invent your own meanings for words, you cannot communicate. Your definition doesn't even fit the use of the word in this article, since the journalist was talking about drivers, not sound. Digital drivers don't exist (unless, maybe, we choose to call thus the drivers used by computers to connect to peripherals). Digital sound exists, but has nothing to do with your very personal definition.

Originally Posted by bmiamihk View Post

digital can mean that the BA have to reproduce the sound which will be different then ay a dynamic speaker which has been around for a hundred years and not meant as a hearing aid like the BA.

Originally Posted by Sinocelt View Post

*sigh* No, it cannot mean that. Neither a balanced armature transducer nor a moving coil (dynamic) transducer reproduces sound digitally. Both actually work on similar principles.


Look, I'd rather call a cat a cat, but if you want to call it a dog or a chipmunk, that's your choice. As for me, I've wasted enough time already, so feel free to conclude this discussion in whatever way you see fit.

Originally Posted by Kunlun View Post

Sinocelt, maybe you should just pander your gamelan, before I flipper the panglossian wax spindle.


And I'm pretty sure you may not want that.


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LOL!  ^  Is that from the sound science forum?  wink_face.gif

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^^ WOW! That has to be one of the most absurd conversation I ever witnessed.

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